Salary survey is intended to serve as a clear guidance for salaries about all categories of jobs in Pakistan and provide the best way for the audience to know the authentic and reliable information about the job salaries from all over the world.
The reason of salary survey come into being is very essential because Pakistan has no online platform that provides proper guidance about the salaries. It is very essential to offer such a podium that simplify the problems of the people regarding their salaries and give a clear structure of salaries because everyone wants to know the pay scale and salaries without tension including job holders, job seekers, employees and businessman of jobs in all over the Pakistan.
Core values
Core values of salary survey are to establish such a clear and straight way regarding salaries for the employees in Pakistan. It is very important for us to provide platform online that pay attention on the need of the audience and give details about the salaries of all categories of jobs online in Pakistan. Audience can approach those details online without any problem.
Targeted market
The salary survey has a very great and huge market place of work in the online industry. Salary survey gives very important and necessary information to their audience and whole Pakistan is the targeted market place for the salary survey for the all categories of jobs in Pakistan
Corporate social responsibilities (CSR)
Salary survey is to serve people and help people and provide them clear and easy way to approach effective and efficient information about the salaries of the jobs in Pakistan. Salary survey is an only forum that simplifies such kind of the problems of people. So many forums are providing the information regarding jobs but job salaries are not to be discussed online yet. So salary survey is podium for such information and people can easily approach and grab the information.
Why it is important for the society
Not a single forum providing such information about the salaries of jobs this site help the people to know the salary packages of concerned field that is very important and useful in the society of Pakistan. For example if you want to purchase home appliances then you may searching in Google.COM.PK and we are providing you the salary idea

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