Police Ranks In Pakistan

Police Ranks In Pakistan are explained here at this page with the batches. Every police rank has its own salary therefore we separately created the Pakistan Police Ranks With Salaries. Please focused upon the table given below specifically created for the Police Ranks In Pakistan. Every rank has its own priority and every person must go to the specified rank when necessary.

Police Ranks In Pakistan

Civilian Police Ranks In Pakistan
Senior Ranks
Inspector General of PoliceIGP PPO (Provisional Police Officer)BS 22/21
Additional Inspector GeneralAddl. IG/CCPOBS 21
Deputy Inspector General/Regional Police Officer/ City Police OfficerDIG/RPO/CPOBS 20
Senior Superintendent of Police/ Assistant Inspector GeneralSSP/AIGBS 19
Superintendent Of PoliceSPBS 18
Additional Superintendent of Police/ Deputy Superintendent of PoliceASP/ DSPBS 17
Junior Ranks
Station House Officer/Police InspectorSHOBS 16
Sub InspectorSIBS 14
Assistant Sub InspectorASIBS 09
Head ConstableBS 07
ConstableBS 05

Punjab Police Ranks In Pakistan

1. Senior Police Ranks–
(i) Inspector-General
(ii) Additional Inspector General
(iii) Deputy Inspector General
(iv) Assistant Inspector General/Senior Superintendent
(v) Superintendent
(vi) Assistant Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent
2. Junior Police Ranks–
(i) Inspector
(ii) Sub-Inspector
(iii) Assistant Sub-Inspector
(iv) Head Constable
(v) Constable

KPK Police Ranks In Pakistan

  1. Superintendents of Police Provincial (BS-18)
  2. Deputy Superintendents of Police (BS-17)
  3. Deputy Superintendents of Police Legal (BS-17)
  4. Inspectors & Sub Inspectors on List “F”
  5. Inspectors Legal (BS-16)

Sindh Police Ranks In Pakistan

Sindh Police
Karachi Police
Hyderabad Range
Mirpurkhas Range
SBA Range
Sukkur Range
Larkana Range
Research, Development & Inspection
Crimes Branch Sindh
Special Branch Sindh
Traffic Sindh
Technical & Transport Sindh
Training Sindh
Sindh Reserve Police Sindh
Rapid Response Force

Police Batches In Pakistan

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan or Traffic Police Ranks In Pakistan

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan or Traffic Police Ranks In Pakistan
Junior Patrolling Officer/ConstableJPOBS 05
Assistant Patrolling Officer/Head ConstableAPOBS 07
Patrolling Officer/Sub-InspectorPOBS 14
Senior Patrolling Officer/InspectorSPOBS 16
Cheif Patrolling Officer/ Deputy Suprintendent PoliceCPO /DSPBS 17
Senior Superintendent Police SSPBS 19
Deputy Inspector GeneralDIGBS 21
Inspector GeneralIGBS 22
Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Hope you like the page and effort on it. Please contribute to this page to share with your friends and others. Everyone must be feel to get such information which has provided here at this page. The Question Whic is Most Common is dpo stands for in police in pakistan? The Answer is simple and obvious “District Police Officer”.

Traffic Police Ranks In Pakistan

Further We have some kind of information that you can relate with traffic police ranks in pakistan. as per our best knowledge the following chart is going to presented here.

traffic police ranks in pakistan

Finally you can check out that dpo rank in punjab police in above given police ranks in pakistan. You are going to present in terms of reflective way dpo rank in police pakistan.

Pakistan Police Force Officers Ranks, Badges, Salary, Pay Scale 2023

The page consists of Pakistan Police Force/Officers Ranks, Badges, Salary, Pay Scale 2023 that is need of every Pakistan police jobs finder within Pakistan and abroad. There are the law enforcement department are doing very fantastic job in the country of Pakistan and trying to overcome the terrorism agencies that are busy in disturbing the peace of the country and doing targeted attacks to kill the innocent people. In Pakistan army, crime investigation institute, elite police, special branches of police, motorway police, traffic police are the basic law enforcement departments that are doing very hard struggle for the peace and the safety of the country and the innocent people. so have the idea for Pakistan Police Force Officers Ranks

In this post we are discussing about the Pakistan Police Force/Officers ranks and badges, salaries according to the ranks and the basic pay scales in the police department of the Pakistan 2023. In the department of the police highest rank is

  • Inspector General and BPS is 21 or 22
  • Additional inspector general and doing job on BPS 21
  • Deputy inspector general and BS 20
  • Senior superintendent of police and BS 19
  • Superintendent of police and BS 18
  • Additional superintendent of police and BS 17

These are the senior ranks and now junior ranks are below;

  • Police also called inspector SHO and BS 16
  • Sub inspector and BS 14
  • Assistant sub inspector and BS 09
  • Head constable and BS 07
  • Constable and BS 05

According to the revised pay scale of 2023 the minimum pay for the grade 05 is 10,260 and maximum 25,260 and 500 annual increment. For the grade 07 the monthly package is minimum 10,990 and maximum 29,290 with the 610 annual increments. For the 09 grade minimum salary 11,770 and maximum 33,670 with 730 annual incentive. For the 14 scale minimum 15,180 and maximum 50,280 and annual increment 1,170. For the 16 BS min 18,910 and max 64,510 with 1,520 yearly increment.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


For the 17 grade 30,370 are the lowest pay and the 76,370 along with 2,300 yearly incentives. For the 18 scale 38, 350 min and at the highest rate 95,750 along with 2,870 annual base benefit. For the 19 basic pay scales 59,210 is the minimum pay and 120,210 is the highest pay along with 3,050. For the 20 grade 69,090 is the lowest pay and 132,230 is the highest salary with 4,510 is the annually incentive. For the 21 scale 76,720 is the minimum monthly pay and 146, 720 is the highest income along with 5,000 annual increment. For the 22 grade 82,380 is the min and 164,560 is the highest pay with 5,870.

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