Anti Narcotics Force Ranks Pakistan

First of all i would like to thanks all webmasters including MNC, RD KPRD KP, RD NorthRD North, RD PunjabRD Punjab, RD SindhRD Sindh, RD BalochistanRD Bln, ANF AcademyAcademy, Aviation FlightAviation, CBTCCBTC, ANF RadioANF Radio, MATRC IsbMATRC Isb, MATRC KciMATRC Khi, MATRC PeshawarMATRC Hyd, MATRC SukkurMATRC Skr and IATF. These helps me alot to articulate data i am going to present here in the form of content. I seriously admire those because they are some extra ordinary informatiom starting from Legal Functions & Authorities Under ASF Act 1975 till news media following ASF officially. Mainly Anti Narcotics Force Ranks Pakistan doing their duties to protect three pillars.

  1. Airport
  2. Aerodromes
  3. Civil Aviation Installations

ASF force is protecting all these three around a clock.

Prosecution Struture

Permanent  Ranks

  • Law Directorate Organisational Aspects
  • Joint Director (Law)
  • Deputy Director (Law)
  • Assistant Director (Law)
  • Inspector (Legal)

Contractual staff consisting of Special Prosecutors appointed by Director General ANF in consultation with Ministry of Law under Special Prosecutors (Terms and Conditions) Rules, 2013

Contractual Ranks

  • Inspector or equivalent grade
  • SubInspector/Assistant Sub-Inspector or equivalent or a grade between ASI/HeadConstable
  • Head Constable or equivalent grade or a grade between Head Constable and Constable
  • Constable or equivale nt or lower grade

ASF Uniform Ranks

  • ASI BPS 11
  • Corporal BPS 07
  • Corporal Driver BPS 05

ASF Civil Ranks

  • Assistant BPS 15
  • MT Driver BPS 05
  • Naib Qasid BPS 01
  • Khakroob BPS 01

So Finally you have Anti Narcotics Force Ranks Pakistan with their designation names so you can recall your job description. For Easiness you have to be informed about the salaries so we are displaying salaries accordingly.

Everyone should keep in mind about the strategic aspect of asf and its role in our society. It is advise only to join the force if you are welcome to serve the community. Jobs announced by the asf individually on their own job portal name as

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