IB Pakistan Ranks 2024, Salaries, Pay Scales, Benefits, Incentives

If readers wants to have quality piece of information about IB Pakistan Ranks 2024, Salaries, Pay Scales, Benefits, Incentives and Allowances then they are at right page. This intelligence bureau Pakistan is the confidential and secretive agency working in our country Pakistan.

There are many quality oriented posts which are part of IB Pakistan. Handling, tackling and managing challenging as well as toughest number of tasks, they are conducted by the team of intelligence bureau. Ranks and salaries details of IB Pakistan and the details of their fixed salaries, they are not till now revealed by this agency. But readers can catch up with the range of information that what benefits kinds and what sort of incentives are allotted to the team of IB Pakistan.

Here you can grab this kind of information. In intelligence bureau working in Pakistan, we have these analytic methodologists and professionals working in apps development department. Then we have post linked with facilities project management and architect project management. We have cartographers and collection management officers working in IB. Then in this security agency, we have cyber operations officers, cyber exploitation officers and professionals. Below is the more information on IB Pakistan Ranks 2024

The highest-paid employees belong to the Supreme Court, High Court, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, Federal Shariat Court and Federal Judicial Academy that are getting at least 300% higher pay than staff of the federal secretariat.

Likewise, staff of the President Secretariat and Prime Minister Secretariat is receiving 115% higher salaries than the federal secretariat employees.

The prime minister’s personal staff is also getting 115% higher pay whereas employees of the Federal Investigation Agency, NHA, National Motorway Police and Intelligence Bureau have 100% higher salaries.

The situation is no different for the regulatory bodies including Nepra, Ogra and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) where employees are receiving 150% more pay.

These IB Pakistan salaries 2024 are not and till now officially disclosed by the respective team and authorities of Pakistan intelligence bureau. We will sooner disclose much of the official detail and information on IB Pakistan pay scales 2024. These data engineers and individuals working in the digital forensics engineering department, then professionals working for digital targeting department, they do work in IB Pakistan as well.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


IB Pakistan Ranks 2024, Salaries, Pay Scales, Benefits, Incentives

These IB Pakistan benefits 2024 have many variations. Starting from medical allowance form to fuel and entertainment benefits, these IB professionals get travel allowance, yearly increments and special bonuses. These IB Pakistan incentives and allowances 2024 details are here.

IB Pakistan Ranks 2018

In same way and sense, if any person serves in IB Pakistan IT technician department, human resource specialist department or if any one works in general IT auditing department then same benefits are offered to these employee categories too. Various departments work for this agency and same line of bonuses and increments are given to them.

These IB Pakistan ranks are also implemented if one is working for customer service department, IT engineering department, software engineering department line, technical researching department, technical security department line. More of the official information for you about IB Pakistan Ranks 2024. So stay tuned. These are the details which are issued and officially published by respective one team of IB Pakistan. It is on per year basis or it might be on the bi-yearly basis that increment processing are done and bonuses are given to working professionals of IB Pakistan. Revised details are in pipeline and shall be updated sooner.

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