Salary Of Data Entry Operator In Punjab Food Authority Pakistan Government

Punjab food authority is an agency that regulates and monitors the safety standers of the food in Pakistan. T is the first department comes into being in Pakistan that monitors entire food business in Pakistan at very strict rules and regulations.  Punjab Food authority is official department of Pakistan that ensures the best quality of food in Pakistan and also ensures the food hygiene and quality standers in Pakistan which is very important issue. Food authority of Punjab monitors food business, manufacturers, importers and safety of food in Pakistan.

It also provide guideline for the food items, provide advises to establishment of laboratories that make sure the quality and safety standers of the food in Pakistan. This department creates lots of amendments in the safety standers and no compromise in standers because it directly affects the health of people of Pakistan. This department offers so many jobs for the people. Data entry is very important job in this department.

Salary Of Data Entry Operator In Punjab Food Authority Pakistan Government

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Main responsibility of the data entry operators is make sure the reasonable typing speed, maintain data, accurate data entry, maintain the system of computer, knowledge of Microsoft office, knows the details of information, making and maintain of database, coding and decoding of data, send data company to company, handle numeric and text data, must be able to troubleshooter, required up to date data. Able to know the rules and the regulations of the Punjab food authority very well.

Salary Of Data Entry Operator In Punjab Food Authority

These are some basic rules for the job in Punjab food authority. Salaries are not very high but are reasonable it is government base job and offers pay according to the scale. Now Punjab food authority has offered jobs for the senior clerk, data entry, clerk, drivers and so on.

Data entry operators’ salary is according to the 12 scale has offered as a government servant. According to the BPS 2016 to 2017 minimum pay would be 9,055 for the data entry operator in Punjab food authority Pakistan government. Maximum salary would be 28,555 and it depends upon the department and stages are 30.

Revised Basic Pay Scale Civil Servants Federal Government Pakistan

At the end of the year government has offers budget and increase the salaries of their employees. in 2017 budget increment would be expected 10% to 15% for the Punjab food authority Pakistan government.

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