Revised Special Pay Scales SPS 2024 Calculator

If looking for the details about Revised Special Pay Scales SPS 2024 Calculator for PAEC, NESCOM, SUPARCO and KRL Employees then all of the readers are at the correct one page. As we have already have this discussion about the basic salaries and basic income range of these SPS special scale officers. Now we will tell you the method that how can you calculate your revised salary range.

There is a simple one method which you can try. Like first you have to enter the detail of your special pay scale, then you have to enter your basic range salary, you have to enter both of the maximum and minimum income ranges. Then you will be entering this detail that how much ad hoc relief you have got in your previous year salary, you should also enter your personal pay details.

When you will enter this entire data then this calculator will calculate your revised basic salary income. If you want to assume and predict your 2024 salary revisions then you can use this calculator. It happens for many of the special pay scale employees that they want to calculate and pre assume the official revisions made in their basic salaries sections. That is why this calculator is made for them. Check out more and further details about Revised Special Pay Scales SPS 2024 from here.

Revised Special Pay Scales SPS 2024

More details on Revised Special Pay Scales SPS Calculator for PAEC, NESCOM, SUPARCO and KRL Employees will be come up. All of these SPS officers, they have to make sure that they enter their last and previous year salary stat. To pre assume the revision of 2024 salary range, these special scale officers will enter the salary details of 2017 year.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Revised 2019 SPS notification

We have attached this calculator over here and on this page. You can use it for your reference. By correctly using this calculator, you will then properly know that how much increase in your gross salary will be done.

So if you belong to SPS 1 pay scale or you are SPS 2 grade scale officer, you can use this calculator at any time to pre assume the details and stats of your future salary range.

To catch up with the more recent details and information about Revised Special Pay Scales SPS 2024 Calculator, you should keep connected over here. If you still does not know that how this calculator can be used then you can take guidance from us. Now from the current day, if there is a need to calculate your revised gross salary range, you should be using this SPS calculator. Note that all of these PAEC, NESCOM, SUPARCO and KRL employees can use this calculator and can see and notice necessary revisions will shall made in their basic salaries.

Check out the complete information about Revised Special Pay Scale SPS 2024 Of Federal Government Departments from this page. If you are working in the Federal government and you are on the special pay scale post then here are the details for you that how much income is received by these SPS 1 scale officers and how much pay is handed over to these professional SPS 14 officers. We have collected the official information for you. Their salary is revised on per year basis, when federal government announces the budget then the salaries revision occur in the federal government employees salary section too. On the first we have SPS 1 officers and the official range of their basic income as well as basic salary is Rs 12280 – Rs 30280. Then comes the senior grade and it is SPS 2 scale. These officers average and basic income salary is Rs 14710 – Rs 38710.

The average salary range of these professional and working SPS 3 officers, it is Rs 17650 – Rs 53950. These SPS 4 officers, they receive salary from the average range of Rs 21100 – Rs 60100. We have valid information for you too regarding latest salary stat of SPS 5 officers and it is Rs 28140 – Rs 72540.  To have a review of more details about Revised Special Pay Scale SPS 2024, you can check below posted details and information.

We have more collected information for you regarding Revised Special Pay Scale SPS of Federal Government Departments. The salary range of all of these SPS 6 officers, it is Rs 2980- Rs 80290. Rs 1680 is their increment amount. Try to note down this important information that when new budget for the current year 2024 will come then revision in salary will be made.

These SPS 7 official posts receive the basic income starting from the stats of Rs 31660 and then ending at the stat of Rs 88660. These SPS 8 officers salary start from the amount of Rs 39200 and then their basic salary finishes on the amount of Rs 85200. The starting minimum basic salary range of these SPS 9 officers is Rs 54100 and then their official maximum range of their basic salary us Rs 111500.

Rs 67220 – Rs 128220 is the basic income range of SPS 10 officers. Then Rs 72000- Rs 135140 is the average salary range of SPS 11 officers. Moreover as we are going to move to senior scales then note that these SPS 12 officers basic salary is from Rs 80220 – Rs 150220.  Rs 84550 – Rs 166730 is the basic pay range of SPS 13 officers and Rs 99110 – Rs 201450 is the average salary range of SPS 14 officers. More updated stats on Revised Special Pay Scale SPS 2024 are coming soon.

Here is the information about revised special pay scale chart 2024 SPS of Federal Government Civil Servants Pakistan. You can note down the the details that how much salary is given to all of these special scale officers, all of these official posts starts from grade scale 1 and then ends at 14. First we will start the discussion from SPS 1 grade scale officer salary and then our details and explanation will end at the SPS 14 officer grade scale salary stat.

So these SPS 1 officers, note down that their initial salary amount is up to the stats of Rs 12280. These officers who are on SPS 1 grade scale, they get the maximum income of the range of Rs 30280. Then moving onto the details of SPS 2 officers salary, their initial salary stat is up to the amount of Rs 38710. Then we have SPS 3 officers and normally these officers receive minimum salary of Rs 17650 and then their maximum income range is Rs 53950.

These SPS 4 officers minimum income amount is Rs 21100 and these officers maximum average salary figure is Rs 60100. On the next spot, we have SPS 5 officers and note down that their minimum and official salary stats are Rs 28140. Then Rs 72540 is their maximum salary amount. Readers can have a look at the more details about revised special pay scale chart 2024 from below mentioned details.

These are the details which are linked with revised special pay scale chart SPS of Federal Government Civil Servants Pakistan. Minimum range of salary which is given to these SPS 6 officers, it is of amount Rs 2980 and then their maximum range of basic pay reaches to the stat of Rs 80290. These SPS 7 officers minimum figures of their salary is Rs 31660 and then maximum figures of their basic income is Rs 88660.

If readers want to know the salary info of SPS 8 officers, here you are and their minimum salary value is Rs 39200, their maximum salary range is Rs 85200. These SPS 9 officers and working professionals minimum range is about Rs 54100 and their maximum range is upto the stat and amount of Rs 111500.

After moving onto the highest grade scales, we have these SPS 10 officers and note their average income range is in between the figures and stats of Rs 67220 – Rs 128220. Then SPS 11 officers basic salary income falls in between the stats of Rs 72000- Rs 135140. Moving on, readers should note that SPS 12 officers salary range from Rs 80220 – Rs 150220 and SPS 13 officers salary and basic income range if Rs 84550 – Rs 166730. These SPS 14 salary and average stats are from Rs 99110 – Rs 201450. More info on revised special pay scale chart 2024 is coming up.

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