SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2023 Pay Scales Employees Starting Package

If searching for the information regarding SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2023 Pay Scales Employees Starting Package then here you go then! Note that this SUPARCO organization stands for Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission. They have their employees working and serving according to the criteria of special pay scale category. This commission is working as a national space agency and it has been mandated so that it can conduct and process R & D in the fields of space science and space technology. It is working on the peaceful applications and it has also been working towards to develop more of the indigenous capabilities in the field of space technology. Now talking about SUPARCO pay scales 2023 and details about them, note that for SUPARCO SPS 1 scale, Rs 12280 and Rs 30280 are their minimum and too maximum salary ranges.

SUPARCO Jobs Salary 2023 Pay Scales Employees Starting Package

These SUPARCO SPS 2 officers, Rs 14710- Rs 38710 is their average one salary range. Noting down the basic salary of SUPARCO SPS 3 officers, it ranges from Rs 17650 – Rs 53950. These SUPARCO SPS 4 officers, Rs 21100 – Rs 60100 is their fix salary average range. These SPS 5 officers working in this national space agency, Rs 28140 – Rs 72540 is their income range. These SPS 6 officers serving in the subjected national space agency, Rs 2980 – Rs 80290 is their average income amount. Below we have more details about SUPARCO jobs salary 2023.

SPS Pay Scale Chart 2019 Pakistan

These SUPARCO employees salary With Jobs Employees benefits details are updated on often basis. This well known national space agency gives ad hoc incentive and medical perk, house rent and fuel allowance to their employees. When their salaries are being upgraded, then their perks and benefits are also upgraded right at the same time. If you are working in SUPARCO at SPS 7 scale then range of pay will be Rs 31660 – Rs 88660. Then these SPS 8 officers serving in this space agency of Pakistan, their salary approximate amount is Rs 39200 – Rs 85200. These SPS 9 officers who are part of SUPARCO, range of their official income is Rs 54100 –  Rs 111500.

SUPARCO Salary Package

This is so far collected official info on SUPARCO starting salary. When this national space agency named as SUPARCO employees salary will update more of their working people salaries and benefits, then we will share those recent revisions with you. Right now, you can consider these facts and go through the details if you are in need of them. In sooner time, this space agency of Pakistan SUPARCO salary package will make revisions right in its employees basic salary section, so wait for that revision phase and get all recent news from here.

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