PAEC Revised Pay Scale 2023 SPS Salaries Employees Benefits

Here is the information regarding this specific category of PAEC Revised Pay Scale 2023 SPS Salaries Employees Benefits. We know that this PAEC organization stands for Pakistan atomic energy commission and they have given special pay scale to their officers. Here we will be talking about these rough stats that how much salaries and how much of basic income is given to these officers who are working in PAEC.

So if you are affiliated with this energy commission and you are on SPS 10 scale then your minimum salary will be reaching to the figures and stats of Rs 67220 and these officers maximum salaries reaches to the amount of Rs 128220. And if these officers working in PAEC are on SPS 11 scale then their minimum range of salary will be Rs 72000 and the official amount of their maximum salary is Rs 135140.

PAEC Revised Pay Scale 2023 SPS Salaries Employees Benefits

Same wise we have SPS 12 officers working and all officially serving in PAEC, so these specific grade scale officers, their minimum salary is Rs 80220 and then their maximum range of basic and fix salary is Rs 150220.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Then we have officers working in PAEC and they are on SPS 13 scale, their minimum range of fix salary is Rs 84550 and then their maximum salary has this range of Rs 166730. Some of the senior officers working in PAEC, they are on the grade scale SPS 14 and they get Rs 99110 as their minimum basic pay and then Rs 201450 is the maximum range and amount of their basic salary. Below readers can check out more of the details on PAEC Revised Pay Scale 2023.

PAEC Employees Benefits

Do you have any idea about PAEC Employees benefits, if not then we will tell you that how much benefits are given to the employees of Pakistan atomic energy commission. These officers working at the junior and also at the senior grade scale, they receive ad hoc allowance and medical perk, then these officers receive fuel and entertainment incentive on a monthly basis.

PAEC Salary Chart

These officers get increment on per year basis and special performance bonus is given depending on their performance that shows in PAEC Salary Chart. This Atomic Energy Commission is one of the independent governmental authorities and it is too one of the well established scientific research institutions. This body is only concerned to carry out developments and advanced form researches in the fields of nuclear science an nuclear power.

SPS Pay Scale Chart 2018 Pakistan

For more facts on PAEC revised pay scale 2023, you have to remain in touch and be connected with us always. If revision will be done by Pakistan atomic energy commission in their employees salaries category then we will provide you those details.

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