Bahria Town Salary Package

Here are the details about Bahria town salary package. In Pakistan cities, there are many in number of residential societies. Among the noticeable and secured residential societies we have, it is Bahria town. Every residential society, they need certain number of staff members for their operational, marketing and management related tasks. You can work for the society if you fulfill their eligibility requirements. This society hire call center representatives, help desk team, marketing and management staff, operations department staff. It is true that this residential society is growing day by day. It has its phases and sub projects in Lahore, Karachi. It scale down 10 marla plots, 1 kanal plots and 2 kanal plots in its premises. Working for this Bahria town society, your starting salary will have its range to be started from Rs 30,000 and then higher salary figures will be given to the high posts. Like if any one is serving as a marketing manager or as an operational manager for this Bahria town society, then his pay will be more. And the internees and executive posts salary will be minimum.

Bahria Town Salary Package

This society has the sales staff, sales associate professionals, marketing executives, accounts department working at its end. As it is a huge residential society, that is why it has to look after large number and multiple range of operations. This is the rough salary package which is given to Bahria town society staff members.


Bahria Town Salary Package

Bahria Town Salaries

The staff working for this society, they make sure that the residents face no problems. It is their staff which are one of the valuable assets for this society. Their staff remain passionately engaged and involved. The owner of this Bahria town society makes sure that the best team is hired at their end.

A safe working environment is offered to the employees of this society. They are given a healthy workplace environment. No matter they are working at the office site or at the development site, complete security will be given to them. More details on Bahria town salary package will be given so keep connected with us.


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