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Junior Clerk Salary In Lahore High Court Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Junior clerk is a person who perform their office and clerical work in the office that is related to the their work in the office. This post is under the senior clerk and has to support and help the senior clerk is the job of the junior clerk like pen files, mange the pattern of the files distributed the information to the judicial officers and to the related people with great responsibly. Collect the information and data that help the senior clerk. Send and receive mails in the computer can save the data accordingly to the instruction of the Junior Clerk Salary In Lahore High Court.

Manage the work with the senior clerk. Set up the equipment that are using the office work such as mimeographs, typing machine, adding machine, duplicating machine salaries and the pay scales are vary from one province to another province. Place matter on the salary of the junior clerk. Generally the junior clerks are appointing on the 11 scale on the government level. His or her job could be on the contract base and salaries are according to the department in which he or she is serving.

Junior Clerk Salary In Lahore High Court Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Initial pay would be 10610 that is good in terms of their services. There are giving allowances to the junior clerk like house rent, conveyance allowances, medical allowances, judicial allowances, utility allowances, special judiciary allowances and annually increment are given to the junior clerk that become very good amount for the junior clerk. The government gives house rent 1852 to the junior clerk.

Junior Clerk Salary In Lahore High Court

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Conveyance allowance 2856 per month for the junior clerk. Medical allowances are approximately 1500 for the scale of 11 for the junior clerk. Judiciary allowances for the junior clerk of Lahore high court are 9000 that enhance the salary at a very good rate.

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Utility allowances are 4000 and the special Judicial allowances are 12345. Annually increment are also added to the salaries and total salary of the junior clerk of the high court of Lahore would be 45282 that is very nice and handsome amount for the services that the junior clerk giving to the government of the Punjab.

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