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MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020 Provincial And National Assemblies

MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020 will be discussed in this post. You will grab the info that is very essential to know for the common people. Common people could not imagine the amount that the MNA and MPA are earning to every month. So let’s have a look at the MNA salaries and the amount that are earning from their post. Each MNA from the national assembly earn per year aprox 32,000,000, for the five years 1, 60,000,000 for the each MNA. In the nation assembly 534 MNA are there and getting 85,440,000,000 more than the 800 corers. Every person that have the power in his area wins the elections without even put so much energy with the help of money or showing his money.

MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020

After the elections they don’t look back to his area from they got the votes and the majority to win the elections. I think there is a huge gap between the voters and the MNA no connection and the relation left behind that’s the reason the simple and the innocent people don’t have the estimate how much they earn from the government to serve the people.

MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2018

Monthly 12,000 salaries, 10,000 office expense, 5,000 telephonic bills, 3,000 for utility bill, 75,000 for travelling, 15,000 for the patrolling the sites, even to visit the sessions of the assembly they got the payment.650 for the per visit daily charges, 400 conveyance allowance 1500 for the accommodation benefits.

MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020
MNA Salary In Pakistan 2020

The surprising thing is that the opposition forwards the petition to enhance the allowances and the salaries of the MPA in the provincial assembly. The credibility is zero. Work for the welfare is noting done from the servants of the government to serve the people but the condition is reverse and condition is quite bad. Hope for the best. hope now you have the idea about MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020.

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