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MNA Salary In Pakistan 2021 National Assembly

MNA Salary In Pakistan 2021. Now have a look at the salary of the MNA which is 120,000 to 200,000. MNA stands for the Minister of National Assembly. In this post you will able to grab the information about MNA Salary In Pakistan. The common people even don’t knowledge these information that their MNA or MPA who much they earn to serve them but they even don’t info their duties and enjoying our tax without paying their duties. Every member of our society should know the responsibilities of the MNA of their area and demand to serve the society.

MNA Salary In Pakistan 2021

Amount for the constitution for every month is 100,000, office maintenance expenditures are 140,000, and travelling concessions are 8 Rs for per km 48,000 to visit the Islamabad and to return 6000 per km. BETA during assembly meets daily 500, travelling in the train is free of coast in first class.


The government of Pakistan has to pay and if they travel in business class in flight then it will be free until for the 40 trips along with wife and P.A. rent for the hostel for the stay free of cost all over the Pakistan.

MNA Salary In Pakistan 2018

Electricity bills 50,000 units free at home, local phone calls 1, 70,000 alls are free. According to these amounts the total expense per year is 32,000,000 for a MNA. For the 5 year total expenditure will be 1, 60,000,000. In the national assembly 534 MNA and the expenditure for the 5 year are 85,440,000,000 that will be more than the 800 corers. They are selected by the democratic system and after winning the elections. But they don’t even know their duties that they have to pay for the betterment of their country and for their own people. now you have the idea of MNA Salary In Pakistan 2021.

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