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New Final Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 Notification Pakistan, Punjab

Talking about the details of New Final Revised pay scale chart 2022 Notification Pakistan, Punjab, KPK, here is the further pack of information for you. The government of Pakistan has officially revised the grade scale and salaries of their employees. Here you can receive the information that how much Punjab and KPK employees will be getting as their current and revised one salary amount. First we will start our valid explanation from this BPS 05 scale and these officers are now getting Rs. 10260 as their minimum salary and it is finalized by this Pakistan federal government that these BS-05 officers will get Rs. 25260 as their maximum basic salary amount.

Then for the BPS 07 officers, their minimum salary will be Rs. 10990 now and then these officers will get maximum pay up to the amount if Rs. 29290. It is also decided by this federal government that their BPS 09 officers will get Rs. 11770 amount and it will be their minimum salary and they will get Rs. 33670 which will be counted as their maximum basic salary. Below we have shared more information about New Final Revised pay scale chart 2022.

New Final Revised Pay Scale Chart 2022 Notification Pakistan, Punjab, KPK

Revised Pay Scale 2022


This is all updated detailing on New Final Revised pay scale chart 2022 . You can check out and completely read out and go through these details for one more time. This is the revised one pay scale chart which we have attached on this page. If you belong to Punjab government side or you work for the KPK government side, then note that these are the latest and most updated revisions which have carried out in your basic salary and basic pay area. You can keep connected and all readers will get more news about this revise pay scale notification. These revisions are done on per year basis. When this 2022 budget will come, then more and better revisions will be done in this pay scale chart. So to remain updated about these revisions and pay scale chart, you have to remain tuned with us.

You can check out this New Final Revised pay scale chart Notification Pakistan from here. If more updates will come regarding Notification Punjab, we will too share those updates with you. Above is the information and latest news about New Final pay scale chart Notification KPK and more latest stats are coming up. For BPS 14 scale officers, they will get Rs. 15180 now and this will be marked as their minimum basic salary and their maximum basic salary will be counted up to the amount of Rs. 50280.  These BPS-17 officers will get Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370 and this one BPS-19 official post, it will get Rs. 59210 – Rs. 120210.

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