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Pakistan Air Force Ranks Vs Pakistan Army Ranks

Do you want to grab enough information about Pakistan air force ranks vs Pakistan Army Ranks? If yes then all of the readers should get connected with this source. First we will tell you about the ranks details of the sector of Pakistan air force and then readers will get the information and all detailing regarding the ranks and scales working for Pakistan army. We will share latest information with you. All these scales and ranks information are issued by these respective sectors. First we will start the discussion from senior most post and then we will end our discussion at the junior most post. We know that both of these sectors, that is PAF and Pakistan army, both work together so that security and protection can be given to the geographical locations and sites of Pakistan and also to its people and citizens. Below we have mentioned ranks of both of these sectors. You can go through this information. We will too enlighten you about the areas that how many perks and what kind of benefits are given to these Pak army officers as well as to Pak air force officers. So check these below written details.

First we will start with our explanation from the ranks which are part of Pakistan air force. We have this official post of Air Chief Marshal, you can call it with name as ACM. Then the next scale category is this Air Marshal official post. In this sector, we have officers working on the scale and job of Air Vice Marshal post. You can call it with the name of AVM too.

Pakistan Air Force Ranks Vs Pakistan Army Ranks

Rest and remaining number of official posts part of this Pakistan air force, they are Air Commodore officers, Group captain officers, Wing commander officers, Squadron leaders and also Flight lieutenant officers, pilot officers. In the sector of Pakistan Army, we have first General level officers. Then we have lieutenant general officers and Major general officers. Then comes the rank of Brigadier and Colonel. Then we have lieutenant colonel officers, Major official post, Colonel official post. Then post of Captain, Lieutenant and finally Second Lieutenant comes.

This is all info and valid details on Pakistan air force ranks vs Pakistan Army Ranks. You can remain connected with us and if any revision will be made by Pak air force or by Pakistan army in their ranks and scales category, then we will update about all those revisions. These officers no matter they are working for Pak army or they are serving in Pak air force, they get medical and entertainment allowance. They are too given travel and fuel perk, educational and uniform allowance, diving allowance and many more other perks too. This page will keep on updating the revisions made in scales and ranks category by Pak air force or by Pak army so remain connected and tuned with us always.

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