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Pakistan Motorway Police Salary 2022 Salaries Pay Scale Benefits

Here for the readers we have information for you regarding Pakistan motorway police salary 2022, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances.  This motorway police department is one of the important departments working, operating and serving in Pakistan. So let us start our discussion starting with the highest rank and highest grade scale which is working in Pakistan. On the grade scale of BS-22, we have this rank of Inspector General. These IGP officers are on the senior post in this motorway police department. So the minimum salaries which are received by these IGP officers, it is Rs 82380.

The maximum salary figures of these IGP officers is almost and about Rs 164560. This amount of Rs 5870 is usually given to these IGP officers as their increment amount. Then on the next rank, we have post of Additional Inspector General having the scale of BPS-21. These BS-21 scale officers officially serving in motorway police department, their minimum salaries have the range of Rs 76720 and their official one maximum salary amount if 2017: Rs 146720. Note down this important detailing that these officers increment for this current year is Rs 5000. You can explore more of the Pakistan motorway police salary 2022 from here.

These Pakistan motorway police Salaries are in their revised and most current form. we have shared these most updated and most latest Pakistan motorway police Pay Scale details with our readers. You can note that these Pakistan motorway police Benefits are arrived in ad hoc form, entertainment and medical allowance, fuel and house rent benefit form.

These Pakistan motorway police Incentives seen regular official revisions. Just stay tuned and we will enlighten the readers more about the topic and area line of Pakistan motorway police Allowances. Then these Deputy Inspectors too work in the motorway police department and these officers have this BPS-20 scale. These officers minimum range of salary is Rs 69090 and their maximum income stats are Rs 132230.

Revised Pay Scale 2022


Pakistan Motorway Police Salary 2022

These officers normally get Rs 4510 as their increment value. Next we have the post of Senior Superintendents and these officers who work in motorway police, their scale is BPS-19. So note that these BS-19 scale officers minimum pay stats are Rs 59210 and Rs 120210 has been their official one maximum salary.

The last post which works in the motorway police department, it is these DSP officers. These mentioned DSP officers, their finalized minimum salary amount is Rs 30370 and official figures of their maximum salary is Rs 76370. Rest talking about their increment figures, we have Rs 2300 as their finalized one increment amount. Just stay connected. More details on Pakistan motorway police salary 2022 will be put up and provided.

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