Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries

Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries on the official terms are mentioned for you. This post of operation supervisor is given Rs 30000 per month and we have the position as a surveillance officer and their salary on a per month reaches to the amount of Rs 20000. If you work as an operation supervisor then your main job duties include and comprise of the completion of administrative functions. You will be doing the execution as well as planning while making the budget of your department. These supervisors develop measures so that they can motivate employees on a regular basis. They have to undertake all of the office management tasks. These basically do the policy implementation and do regular consultation with their staff members ad board members and too with their senior level organization’s management. They evaluate the implementation of all operations, processes and procedures.

Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries

We have provided the information on the two important positions which work for PMA and and more information on this section of Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries will be shared. The person who work for Punjab Masstransit Authority, as their basic pay reaches to the numbers which we have mentioned to you, but they also give allowances to their employees. Working for this body, they include certain perks in their employees salary section. Like ad hoc relief, medical and conveyance and too accommodation allowances are given.
Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries

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If some more news will be issued on Punjab Masstransit Authority PMA Salaries, we will let you know. It is in the different cities of this Punjab province that this body work and operate. If the revision will be noticed in their staff employees salaries, then we will convey and forward that particular revised information for you. Stay tuned with us and we will further classify and segregate the salary and monthly pay information of these PMA employees.


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