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17 Grade Officer Salary In Pakistan 2022

This 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022 is Rs 52486. This is the current salary and you must be aware about this information that these 17 grade officers are selected and hired if they pass all of the stages of css competitive exam. This is the competitive test exam which is made for the appointment of these officers and once you clear this test, then you are given the opportunity to work on this scale of 17 grade officer post.

They are given many perks, like we have identified to our readers that this post is given this much basic pay  and in this average salary figure, the officer is going to receive ad hoc allowances, accommodation and travel allowance as well as fuel and daily incentive allowance too. These BS-17 scale officers are given promotion chances at the same time. If you want to work for this same scale, then you have to clear and pass this css exam so that you can be given with this BS-17 scale post.

17 Grade Officer Salary In Pakistan 2022

So far this is the current info on 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022 and no matter you work at provincial level or you work for the federal level, same salary is given to these BS-17 scale officers and their is their present income package. In the near months, new budget will be introduced and then we will see more increase in these per month salaries of 17 grade officers.

Revised Pay Scale 2022


If you have question on this 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022 section, then do let us know. This is quite a high scale post and you can get appointed on it as well as you can officially receive this salary if you will pass its competitive. And if revision will occur in this specific scale position, we will be letting you know.

Here we have explanation for you regarding 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022, Benefits. Many of the readers, they have been looking for the details and information that how much is their current salary amount. Here is the post for you and you will get the facts that how much maximum and minimum salary and basic pay is given to these officers. Rs  30370 is their minimum salary and Rs 76730 is their maximum basic pay. Rs 2300 is their increment amount. Do you know that if any person wants to serve on this 17 grade officer post, then he or she has to pass this competitive exam. You can only be hired on this grade scale if you will pass and clear this competitive test exam. It is on yearly basis that these competitive tests are announced and then applicants are selected for this grade scale. Now as we have told you regarding maximum and minimum salaries of these 17 grade officers, we will now talk about their list of benefits. As their salaries are higher, that is why their perks and incentives will be higher as well. Below you can read out more information on 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022.

Discussing the details of 17 grade officer benefits in Pakistan 2022, they are as follows, these officers are given fuel allowance and too entertainment allowance. Then these offices receive medical allowance and ad hoc allowance. Amount of your basic salary will finalize the amount and figures of incentives and perks.

Do understand this fact and note down this point that revisions are done in your allowances and perks on the per year terms and basis. In this medical perk, free medical treatment will be given to these 17 grade officers, in this perk, your family and kids are also included. Then you will get travel allowance.

We know that these grade scale officers on BS-17 scale, they have to travel a lot from one city to another one city, that is why this travel perk is given to them. Then these officers get entertainment allowance, in this allowance they are given free lunch. Paid leaves perk are given to these officers. According to this perk, even if you will get a leave, or if you will get an off from your work then you will be paid on that day.

This is all explanation about 17 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2022. You can all the time remain in touch with us. Readers should note that if more revisions or some changes will be done in 17 grade officers salary section, we will update you. First consider these salary details which is linked with 17 grade officer and then more revised information will be given to you.

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