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Apprentice Engineer Salary In Pakistan, Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Check out the information about Apprentice Engineer Salary In Pakistan, Basic Pay Scale And Allowances from this page. If one is on this post of Apprentice Engineer then he or she should know that this job post is of the grade scale of BS-17. If you have bachelors degree in the field of engineering, if you have done your bachelors in mechanical engineering, in mechatronics engineering then you can be on this job post line. Here on this page, you will know that how much salary and how much of pay is being received by these Apprentice Engineers. We will share their 2017 salary figure with you. As this budget 2017 has came and it has now come out all in the official terms and conditions, that is why salaries and pays of these Apprentice Engineers have been revised as well. Details of Apprentice Engineer Salary In Pakistan are mentioned below.

If you are being hired on the post of Apprentice Engineer then note that for this year of 2017, your minimum basic income and salary will be of Rs. 30370 and your maximum salary and pay will be Rs. 76370 and your amount of increment  has been finalized to the amount of Rs 2300.

These Apprentice Engineers, no matter that in which province they are working, it does not matter that in which city they are serving, their salaries and their basic minimum and maximum salaries will remain the same. Moving on with information of Apprentice Engineer Basic Pay Scale and allowances in Pakistan, they get these ad hoc allowances and also ad hoc relief allowances, then these engineers get these special pays and special incentives.

Apprentice Engineer Salary In Pakistan, Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

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It is the duty of these Apprentice Engineers that they have to assist out and they have to help out in carrying out any kind of routine maintenance, they have the main duty to do the repairing of any kind of vehicles and plant like that of motorcycles. So this is all information about Apprentice Engineer Salary In Pakistan. As we have shared this 2017 salary and pay figure with you. Salaries of these Apprentice Engineers are subject to change ad revision too. If any single and small change will be made in their salary then we will for sure be sharing updated salaries of these Apprentice Engineers as well.

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