Average Salary in Pakistan 2022, Pay Scales, Allowances

Average Salary in Pakistan 2022, Pay Scales, Allowances will discussed here and you will able to have the information about the scale promotion, their salaries and the allowances that the employee of the government province Punjab giving to the civil servants on the behalf of their services. In the country of Pakistan every year made some amendments in the running pay scale. Actually in the country of Pakistan the distribution of the monthly due are according to the basic pay scale and all the allowances are given according the percentage that is described in the basic pay scale.

Every year after the amendments new revised basic pay scale is announced with the increments. According to 2022 revised pay scale and used on the date of the 1 July 2022 also the promotions in the scale Is done and on that cases payment automatically enhanced. In revised pay scale increment in the running basic pay 10 percent at the adhoc basis is added.

Average Salary in Pakistan 2022, Pay Scales, Allowances

The civil employees that are on the higher post are enjoying some facilities that the government is responsible for to provide them and bear the expenditure that are called special allowances and including home rent vacancy allowances.

Teacher Salary In Pakistan 2022 Pay Scale, Allowances And Teachers Pay

1 basic pay scale payment is 9,130 and 17, 830. 2 basic pay scale 9,310 and max 19,210. Scale 3 salary is 9,610 and max 21,310. 4 BPS monthly dues are min 9,900 and max 23,100. 5 scale 10,620 and max 25,260. 6 scale 10,620 and max is 27, 420. 7 scale pay is 10,990 and max 29,290. 8 scale payment Is 11,380 is min and max 31,480. 9 scale min 11,770 and max 33,670. 10 scale min salaries are 12,160 and 36,160.

11 basic pay scale min 12,570 and 38,970 is max. 12 scale minis 13,320 and 42,120max. 13 basic pay scale min 14,260 and max 45,760. 14 BPS 15, 180 and max 50,280. 15 scale min is 16,120 and max 56,020. 16 basic pay scale monthly amounts are 18, 910 and max 64, 510. 17 scale incomes are 30,370 and max 76,370. 18 basic pay scale wages are 38,350 and max 95,750. 19 basic pay min 59,210 and max is 120,210. 20 pay scale pay is 69,090 and max 132,230. 21 BPS incomes are 76,720 and 146,720. The allowances are also enhancing his amounts that distributed to the civil employees of the province Punjab government.

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