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BPS 17 Salary In Punjab 2020 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

In this article we are sharing the information regarding the expected BPS 17 salary of Punjab government employees in 2020. Everyone was waiting for the budget announcement in 2020 to know the increments in the salary and up grading of the scales on which they are working. Every province announced its own budget. The government of the Punjab announced the budget before the financial year completed. So get the idea for BPS 17 Salary Punjab here at this page.

According to the budget of 2020 of Punjab 2010 ARA 50 percents is merged. In the budget 2017 for the Punjab increases the grades of the employees of the government Punjab on which the employees are working that will be up graded for the new scale after completing the required time on the certain post and secondly raised the increments of the employees of government of Punjab on the yearly basis.

Advancement of the grades from the lower to high grades is increased in the 2020. Thirdly increments in the special allowances, according to the basic pay scale of the employees. For the 17th scale the government of Punjab has increased the monthly package and according to the new budget in Punjab the minimum pay could be 30,365 and at the maximum rate 76,365 on the experience and special allowances  with the 2300 annual increment.

BPS 17 Salary In Punjab 2020 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

On the initial stage 40157 is the gross salary for the 17 scale according to the new revised pay scale in Punjab after the presumption 37,000 are left behind that are for the permanent employees of the government of Punjab.

BPS 17 Salary Punjab

Punjab Secretariat Allowances Notification 2020

Basic pay is 16,000 approximately, conveyance allowance that is 5,000, medical incentives for the employees is 1,477, adhoc relief in the 2011 iis 1,477, adhoc relief 2010 is 4925 and adhoc allowances 2012 is 3440 and house rent will be according to the areas of the pnjab in the employees doing his job in the city that will gain more house rent allowance than the village areas employees and that will be 4433. According to these figures total pay is 36,752

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