What Is Call Center Agent Salary In Pakistan In 2019?

The call center is one of the best place to get the remuneration according to the market competition. Everyone focused upon Call Center Jobs. They are interested in Call Center Agent Salary In Pakistan. Generally all Type of people wants to join phone operator due to the benefits and perks. Specifically,  students are attracted towards it. They knew no company can provide such high salary  and sale commission as much as Call Center Can. 

Ufone Salary 25000/- PKR
Telenor Salary 25000/- PKR
Mobilink Salary 25000/- PKR
PTCL Salary 25000/- PKR

So every aspect of the Job is important to knew for the complete approach of the salary in Pakistan. Those who are keen in approach always turns towards the Call Center Jobs In Pakistan. Without pondering upon how Call Center Works.

Our Focus upon the Earning from Call Center Jobs In Pakistan. 

It is normal question by the employer side 

What Is call center setup cost In pakistan?

The question is simple and answer depends different steps including;

  • Quality of VOIP system installed
  • Outbound or Inbound?
  • Customer Database of Company: Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone PTCL etc ?
  • The peak hour support?

Further you can check out call center setup cost

The salary in Pakistan calculated as per pay scale. Pakistan government strictly follows the rules of Pakistan Salaries, according to the table given below.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Those people already hired by government according to the lowest basic pay scale, know level of salaries paid. Even today student in Pakistan is thinking to join Call Center permanently after degree as well. The only reason is the Different Call Centers Salaries In Pakistan. The amount is far high as compare to the basic pay scale 16 salary In Pakistan.

Why Ufone Telenor PTCL Mobilink Call Center Agent Salary In Pakistan is More Than Comparable jobs in Pakistan?

The only answer is toughest job in Pakistan. For example, there is no concept of holiday even on national holidays In Pakistan 2019. It is important to mention that Google Users searches mostly

why call center jobs are badThe important thing explain as per the finding approach for Call Center Agent Salary In Pakistan. The step to step approach for salaries in Pakistan is being important to share as per the factorization. The important thing is being able to make the way out as relevant as it should be. The focused way is always considering important within the terms of Basic pay. Hope now you get the answers of your question! What Is Call Center Agent Salary In Pakistan In 2019?


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