CPS Pay Scale In Pakistan

In this post we are going to have looked at the detail information regarding the CPS pay scale 2023. Here we delve into material that helps us to find the different terms of CPS. For the government employ, everything is mentioned in detail like their scales, allowances, ad hoc allowances, salary, gratuity, increments, pay and scales after promotions and so on. In every New Year the government increases the amount in basic pay the general term use is basic pay scale. Let’s see the definitions of terms

Basic pay scale

The government employs are divided in four classes with pay scales and get the salaries according to them. Private employs also allocated these scales.

  • Class 1 gazetted                                BPS – 17 and above of it.
  • Class 2 gazetted                                BPS- 16
  • Class 3 non gazetted                         BPS- 3to 15
  • Class 4 non gazetted                         BPS – 1 to 2


This term means fixed amount that is mentioned as per the contract by the authorities of board.


This term means pay, allowances are included as mention by the competent authority.


This term means contract pay scale that is approved by the board authorities.


This term means all the benefits mentioned other than the pay

Annual increments

This term means the certain amount increased annually according to the inflation rate by the board authority within 10% of the basic pay for both private and government sector.


This term means certain amount given to employ after completion of year equal to one month according to basic pay mentioned by the authorities.

The government employs get the compensation packages or salaries and increments according to these scales and get promoted after certain time period of service. This structure of the salaries bolsters the financial security of employ to serve the institute without any tension.  Now here very valid and important question raise for the employs that pays their services in private sector are they able to have this finance security? Is there any structure available for the private contract base employs? So the answer is yes, when any private institute hires employs for the certain time period on contract basis. They have to follow salary structure. The basic pay could be varying according to the job offers that are decided by the competent authorities at the recruitment. There shell pay structure of the contract pay scale. Here is mentioned below

Contract pay scale structure

Salary = basic pay + special allowances + professional allowances, technical allowances

This is the formula total salary assembled and these are approved by the competent authorities at the recruitment level and mentioned in the contract in details. For the promotion in contract based employment the certain time has required that also mentioned in contract by the authorities of the institute. So we are able to saw that in government sector everything is decided by the government officials and on the other hand in private sector everything regarding pay decided by the competent authority of the board of institute.  In case of any queries please feel free to ask regarding CPS pay scale. Please stay tune with this site thank you.

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