Data Control Officer Military Accounts Pakistan Salary Pay Scale

This Data Control officer Military Accounts Pakistan Salary Pay Scale, it basic pay scale is now BS-16 and Rs 34871 is the monthly and average salary of these officer. These data controllers are given suitable allowances during their on-duty times. The amount of these perks and allowances are also included in this mentioned salary numbers. These data control officers mainly supervise all of the daily activities of data controlling. They have this responsibility when it comes to directing as well as allocating work to their personnel. These officers have to monitor and evaluate the work of their junior staff members.

Data Control Officer Military Accounts Pakistan Salary Pay Scale

This is a reasonable basic pay scale job post and ultimately this job position has to give reporting to the manager. They give strong contributions in terms of the development of data controlling processes and procedures. The pay of this data controller is based on the notion and factors that whether he can use the information monitoring software or whether can explain the detailed specifications while using the data applications. You can come on this pay scale and you can receive this much pay if you know how to implement the operating software in all kinds of business processes and in the other kind of corporate systems. You will be asked to develop and also to establish these data retrieval procedures.

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Data Control Officer Military Accounts Pakistan Pay Scale

More info on Data Control officer Military Accounts Pakistan Pay Scale will be given. When a salary change will be observed in the pays of these data controller professionals, we will update you. Till now the the military accounts department of Pakistan ministry of defence has assigned this specific BPS to this job position, Note down their salary stats and on the revision time, we will keep you informed. Which else control officer pay you want to know!

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