Design Engineer Salary In Pakistan, Pay Scale, Allowances, Benefits

If readers are looking for the information about design engineer salary in Pakistan, Pay Scale, Allowances, Benefits then here you are. This profession of design engineer has the pay scale of BS-17 in Pakistan. You will know about this profession and job line minimum and maximum salary from this page. As according to the budget of 2017, minimum salary and income of these design engineers is Rs. 30370 and their maximum pay then comes out to be Rs. 76370. These design engineers get an increment of amount Rs 2300 on yearly basis. These are not fixed figures of their salary and income range. Their salaries get revised on each single year.

Like when 2022 budget will come then salaries and increments of design engineers will see a certain increase. So far this is their official and confirm income figure. We have extracted this salary and income figure of design engineers from reliable sources. More details on design engineer salary in Pakistan are written below.

The salary which is mentioned above, this same salary range is received by the design engineers whether they are working and serving in any province of Pakistan.

Design Engineer Salary In Pakistan, Pay Scale, Allowances, Benefits

Revised Pay Scale 2023


These BS-17 grade scale officers and engineers get house rent allowance, entertainment allowance, ad hoc allowance. This design engineer pay scale in Pakistan is BS-17. We know that design engineer allowances in Pakistan gets revised upon the revisions and changes made in their salary figures. These design engineer benefits in Pakistan remains the same no matter these engineers work and serve in Punjab province or if they work in KPK province. These engineers usually perform researching tasks.


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They come up with fresh range of ideas so that new products and set of systems can be devised. These engineers analyze existing and current products.

These design engineers create and make drafts so that process of designing of their products can be proceeded. They create virtual models by making use of computer software. These engineers look for the manufacturing requirements and examine materials and also their production costs.  You can be from any field like computer-aided product designing field, virtual product designing field,engineering designing field or industrial product designing field if you want to become a design engineer.

If you have exceptional communication skills and you know how to carry a detailed research then you are the most suitable candidate to become a design engineer. You should have sufficient understanding that how different construction methods and manufacturing methods are carried out. Being a design engineer, you should possess a comprehensive knowledge that how these various materials and metals can be used. Future design engineer salary in Pakistan will be shared over here too. These salary figures are always subject to change.

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