Drawing Mistress Female Salary In Pakistan

If you are looking for details of Drawing mistress female salary in Pakistan, BPS Basic Pay scale, allowances then here all of the readers can get required amount of information. This post of Drawing mistress has the grade scale of BS-16 and from this page, you will be able to extract and take out the information regarding their salaries. We will mention you about their current salaries and these salary figures have been revised according to the budget stats of 2023 year. This job post of Drawing mistress, their minimum and basic salary is Rs. 18910 and their maximum and basic pay is Rs. 64510 and their current year increment is Rs 1520. More of the details about Drawing mistress female salary in Pakistan is mentioned below.

For the information, this Drawing mistress female BPS is of grade scale of BS-16. This subjected Drawing mistress female Basic Pay scale officer, they get and receive same salaries like if they are in Punjab province or if they are in Sindh province then they get minimum salary of Rs. 18910 and maximum pay Rs. 64510, their current increment who are working in Paunjab and Sindh province will be Rs 1520.

In same manner, is this drawing mistress is working in Balochistan province or if it is working KPK province then they will same amount and same figures of salaries. Like their minimum salary will be exactly Rs. 18910, their maximum pay will be exactly Rs. 64510, current year increment will be exactly Rs 1520.

Drawing Mistress Female Salary In Pakistan, BPS Basic Pay Scale, Allowances

Moving on with details of Drawing mistress female Allowances, this job post gets and receives same benefits and allowances which rest of the BS-16 grade officers get like they have ad hoc allowance and incentive allowance and too special pay and special bonus allowance provision in their salaries.

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This is all updated salary figure details of Drawing mistress female salary in Pakistan. We have mentioned to the readers regarding 2023 salary of this job post of Drawing mistress female. As soon as and the minute revised and updated salary and pay of Drawing mistress female will be published and will be officially announced then we will share that info and details with you. Stay tuned and get other salary updates about other grade scale officers too.

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