EG Pay Scale In Pakistan EG 1 To EG 10 Civil Aviation Authority

We have collected the most updated information for you on EG Pay Scale In Pakistan EG 1 To EG 10 Civil Aviation Authority. Check out the information, note that this EG pay scale which works as the official part of NAB, it stands for executive group. You will know the salary figures of these executive groups from this page. First we have EG-01, their minimum salary and monthly pay is Rs 29400. On the other hand, the maximum pay given to them is Rs 88200. Rs 2940 is their finalized increment amount. EG-02, the minimum range of their basic pay is Rs 33300 and the maximum range of their salary is Rs 99900. The increment amount for this scale is Rs 3330. Moving to EG-03, Rs 37700 and Rs 113100 is the per month basic salary given to them. The increment figure for this subjected pay scale is about Rs 3770.

EG Pay Scale In Pakistan

We have EG-04 for you and these executive group officers are given Rs 42700 and Rs 128100 as their minimum and maximum monthly pays. Rs 4270 increment amount is given to them. EG-05, their minimum basic income is Rs 48300 and Rs 144900 has now come out to be their maximum pay. This scale is given the increment of Rs 4830 amount. EG-06 average pay is Rs 54600- Rs 163800.

Rs 5460 is their official increment figure. EG-07 salary falls in between Rs 81700 – Rs 185100 and on the other hand, Rs 6170 has turned out to be their official increment number. For EG-08, their current salary package is Rs 69800- Rs 209400. EG-09 current and present pay package is Rs 78900- Rs 236700. Lastly the scale we have for you is EG-10, Rs 89200- Rs 267600 is their per month salary plan.

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