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FABS Salary Slip FABS Salary Slip Check pifra Salary Slip Pay Slip

FABS Salary Slip FABS Salary Slip Check pifra salary slip Pay Slip
Having Issues with your Online Salary Slip/ Pension Slip? If You have already REGISTERED for online salary slip but STILL do not see your salary slip in your inbox then please watch this video given below and follow the specified guidelines.

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pifra Salary slip check is the first and foremost issue. The financial reporting & auditing PIFRA official website is redirected to the FABS Salary Slip Check Online FABS CGA Pakistan. FABS stands for Financial Accounting & budgeting System and it is integrated financial management information system IFMIS registration. It is the system for the government offices at federal and provincials even at district level. The pifra salary slip procedure closed on 31.12.2014 and FABS gained the same association.

FABS Salary Slip FABS Salary Slip Check pifra Salary Slip Pay Slip

FABS Salary Slip

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All Yahoo Users Please Register Again

F = Federal, N = KP Govt , S = Sindh, B = Balochistan, P = Punjab , DGP = District Govt Pubjab, K = Kashmir.

DGN = District Govt KP ,K = Kashmir, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council , C = Kashmir Council.


Employee’s Personnel No:

Enter Your CNIC or Old NIC: 6110174310489

Date of Birth: 30121970

Cell no: 0000000

Hope you get the direct link of FABS Salary Slip FABS Salary Slip Check pifra Salary Slip Pay Slip.


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