FIA ASI Salary In Pakistan FIA Salaries, Basic Pay Scale, Utilities

If looking for the details of FIA ASI salary in Pakistan FIA Salaries, Basic Pay Scale, Utilities then you are at the correct page and spot. This FIA agency is termed as Federal Investigation Agency and here you will know about the information that how much salary is usually handed over to its ASI officers. This is the post of assistant sub inspector and it is on the grade scale of BS-09. You have to note this information that in this agency, females are also hired on this ASI post, they work and serve on the immigration department and their scale is too BS-09. Then we have male ASI assistant sub inspector officers and they are hired on the grade scale of BS-09 as well. These assistant sub inspectors basic and minimum salary is Rs 11770 and their maximum salary amount is Rs 33670. Then these ASI officers get Rs 730 as their increment amount. For the information, this Federal Investigation Agency is one of the counter intelligence agencies and security related agencies working in Pakistan. It is under this ministry of interior department of Pakistan that this FIA agency is mainly working. It carries these investigative tasks and undertake all of the operations which are linked with terrorism. Then these federal crimes and smuggling issues are managed by them. Below is the more information for you about FIA ASI salary in Pakistan.

We will update you more about FIA Salaries in Pakistan. This FIA ASI basic pay scale in Pakistan is BS-09 and now we will talk about the details of FIA ASI utilities in Pakistan. If you are serving in their immigration department and you are on ASI post then these officers will get this house rent and fuel perk and too medical and ad hoc incentive. These officers are given suitable gratuity funds and performance bonus amounts.

FIA ASI Salary In Pakistan FIA Salaries, Basic Pay Scale, Utilities

FIA Salaries In Pakistan

This agency has been codified right under this constitution of Pakistan 1974. This agency is responsible to undertake and process these international operations. It work closely and in complete co-operation with rest of the agencies. The main goal of this FIA agency is that it has to protect and all in all safeguard its nation and country interests. It uphold its criminal law and try to enforce it with complete dedication.

We have counter terrorism wing, then we have anti corruption wing, economic crime wing, immigration wing and technical wing, legal branch wing, national central bureau and anti trafficking units- all work with this federal investigation agency. You can keep connected with us and we will share more and future updates on FIA ASI salary in Pakistan. We have given you updated salary figure of these assistant sub inspectors who serve and work in this FIA  agency Pakistan and revisions made in their salary section will be told to you too.

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