GIS Analyst Pay Scale Salary In Pakistan, Allowances, Benefits

GIS analyst Pay scale Salary In Pakistan, Allowances, Benefits published here at this page and found the revision of rates for GIS analyst in Pakistan. The GIS analyst Pay scale is BS 17 in Pakistan and the official duty of the job required under the process which relate to the rates and the allowances as per the ordinary and special rates so far. The BS 17 special rates pay scale Pakistan is 2560 am the ordinary rates are 2000 in ordinary rates aspect. The BS 17 allowances in Pakistan are reasonable in the way which always help full to get the salary scale and the pay structure under the process. The GIS analyst revised basic pay scale as well as the GIS analyst revised allowances according to the estimates for the federal government and have the idea that how to maintain the ideas relate to the scales for 2017 and maintain the salary structure according to the scale and their allowances according to the income revised policy in Pakistan.

The revised allowances and pay scale policies are bound to react under the estimates about the civil servants. The GIS analysts pay scale is all about the annual increment that how the GIS analyst salary in Pakistan which is about the 30370 as the minimum salary and about 76370 as the maximum salary.

GIS Analyst Pay Scale Salary In Pakistan, Allowances, Benefits

GIS Analyst Pay Scale

The 2300 rupees is the GIS analyst allowances would be annual increment and the other listed and non-listed GIS analyst jobs benefits. The listed element is the way which relate to the annual increment that how to make things relate to the GIS analyst jobs description which rate to the stages about the 20 stages to get the another GIS analyst grade in Pakistan.

GIS Specialist Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale

The benefits would be uncountable because government related activities as per the listed facilities according to the special and ordinary rates difference as per the decided aspect. The GIS analyst pay scale in Pakistan listed here and GIS analyst salary in Pakistan with the allowances and benefits.

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