Merchant Navy Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale Allowances

If the citizens of Pakistan are interested in becoming the part of Pakistan navy then here they can have the information about this Merchant Navy Salary In Pakistan and their Pay Scale Allowances.

This Merchant Navy post is a kind of sailor post. Officers who are hired on this job post, they get their basic salaries and they too get and receive allowances from their department. As these Merchant Navy officers are appointed and they are on duty on the sea based units, in this way, they get mess allowance, diving and outfit allowance.

They get medical allowance for their family members as well. If they get shifted to the ground based units then they get house rent too. It is a junior level grade scale post for the officers and one has to carry out lot of training and years of commissioned services so that officers of Merchant Navy can get be shifted to the hire grades.

Job description and career prospects for Merchant Navy officers in Pakistan navy

These officers of Merchant Navy, they have wide in number of career prospects and career opportunities if they are on this subjected grade scale post. They can be shifted to the position of leading officers. These Merchant Navy officers can be promoted to the post of petty officer, promoted to job post of chief petty officer as well. If your performance is satisfactory enough then you can be promoted to the next and higher level of Fleet chief petty officer and master chief petty officer.

Merchant Navy Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale Allowances

Benefits for Merchant Navy officers in Pakistan navy

These officers will get their Diploma in Engineering. They will have free mess for theirselves. They will get free accommodation and also free uniform as long as they on job duty. These officers will get free medical treatment for theirselves. They will have these perks to carry out the medical treatment for their parents as well and all expenses and finances will be beared by department of Pakistan navy.

Pak Navy Salary

For their kids, charges will be beared by the concerned department of Pakistan navy. If they will be traveling by train, or if they will be travelling by air then these officers will be able to enjoy 50% concessions on their air tickets and too on their railway tickets. Stay tuned over here so that more details of Merchant Navy officers can be provided.

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