Highest Paid Government Jobs In Pakistan 2023

Here you will have the details about highest paid government jobs in Pakistan 2023, Highest Paying Jobs. If you are working in the government sector and you are at BS-17 grade or above grade scale job post then your job and particular post will be counted as one one of the highest paying jobs. These senior grade officers get pay and income of Rs 1 lakh and more.

  1. The President of Pakistan is the highest-paid government official in the country, with a salary of around Rs8,96,550 per month, along with various benefits and allowances.
  1. Prime Minister of Pakistan: The Prime Minister of Pakistan receives a salary of around Rs 2,25,000 per month, along with benefits and allowances.

  2. Chief Justice of Pakistan: The Chief Justice of Pakistan, who leads the country’s Supreme Court, receives a salary of around PKR 1,480,000 per month.

  3. Federal Ministers and Members of Parliament (MPs): Federal ministers and MPs receive a salary of around PKR 200,000 per month, along with allowances and benefits.

  4. Federal Secretaries: Federal secretaries, who hold high-ranking positions in various government departments, can earn salaries ranging from PKR 150,000 to PKR 400,000 per month, depending on their grade.

  5. Provincial Chief Ministers and Ministers: Chief ministers and ministers in the provincial governments of Pakistan receive salaries ranging from PKR 150,000 to PKR 250,000 per month, along with benefits and allowances.

Like if you are on commissioner or assistant commissioner post, if you are working as collector or secretary of some department then these job lines are commonly called highest paid jobs. If you are serving in government banking sector and you are on the post of president, vise president, if you are one of the board of directors of government sector banks then your pay and salary will be in lakhs. Have more information about highest paid government jobs in Pakistan 2023 from here.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


There are certain government departments who do award and give sufficient highest range of salaries to their employees. We know that while working in any of the government department, their employees and working staff over there will always enjoy huge perks and salaries. Enormous number of privileges are given to those officers who are working at a senior government level post.

Highest Paid Government Jobs In Pakistan 2023, Highest Paying Jobs

If you are working from the Federal level site then normally senior officers of federal department are offered high salaries. Like we have Intelligence bureau department, ISI department, civil services department, LDA department, WAPDA department, all these departments offer enough salaries to their senior officers.

If you are a judge in the supreme court of Pakistan or if you are a secretary in the president house of Pakistan then these categories are too being offered high salaries. So these are the senior officials who get Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2023. Working at the Prime minister secretariat office or if any person is working in the Benazir income support program or working for the federal board of revenue then these senior officers get and receive lump sum amount of salaries.

Officers working in the department of National highway authority, if any senior official is serving in the oil and gas regulatory authority OGRA then his salary will be included in the category of highest paying jobs. Attractive packages and salary amounts are given to the officials who have been working in supreme court of Pakistan or in high court of Pakistan or in justice commission of Pakistan. These federal shariat court officials and also federal judicial academy are one of the highest and massively paid departments. Stay tuned and more details about highest paid government jobs in Pakistan 2023 are coming over here.

Do you have any idea about the highest paid government jobs in Pakistan, we will tell you! We know that when a person opts for the selection of these government jobs, then no doubt these jobs are the more secured one. People prefer this sector because they get pension and gratuity funds after retirement. From this government job sector, they never and ever get fired and it is the long term job which any person can pursue. These jobs start from the grade scale of BS-01 and then they end at the grade scale of BS-22. If we talk just about the highest paid government jobs then they usually and mainly start from the BS-19 grade scale, these officers get the highest amount of salary and pay as well as highest amount of pension amounts an gratuity funds. These are the grade scales which are simply referred to as the secretarial posts.

Like in the police department, we have the highest scale of IG which also stands for Inspector general post. So if you are working for the police department then the highest scale which is the IG post scale, these officers will get highest salary. In the same way, we have the customs department and the senior most post and officer in this department of customs is the director post and the post of a collector. These directors and collectors are given the high salaries and pays. In this government sector, we have too income tax department and public administrative department. The officers working in this department, when they reach to the post of commissioners, then their salaries become the highest of all.

This is the all information regarding the highest paid government jobs in Pakistan. So always note that whenever you will reach to the grade scale of director or the post of commissioner, or you become the secretary of any department, then your salary and basic pay, your allowances and gratuity funds will become higher and quite increased in their numbers and figures. Sooner, we will put more info on the highest paid government jobs.

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