Ministry Of Finance Pakistan Salary Notification 2022 Scale Upgradation

On this post, you will get the updates regarding Ministry Of Finance Pakistan Salary Notification 2022 Scale Upgradation. So this ministry of finance which is working in Pakistan, they have updated the notification which is about the scale upgradation. You can check all details about this notification from here. These grade scales are now revised and their salaries are significantly revised and officially updated. All valid revisions are made now and you can check the notification scale upgradation news from here. So this notification has issued this news that BPS 05 scale will get an upgraded minimum pay of Rs. 10260 and their average range and upgraded maximum salary will then be Rs. 25260. For BPS 07 officers, their upgraded one minimum and maximum pay is now come out as Rs. 10990 – Rs. 29290.  Then for BPS 09 officers, their minimum range of upgraded basic salary is now Rs. 11770 and the maximum range of their upgraded salary has now come out as Rs. 33670. More details are issued by this ministry of finance Pakistan, you can check out these remaining details from here.

Ministry Of Finance Pakistan Salary Notification 2022 Scale Upgradation

According to this Ministry Of Finance Pakistan Salary Notification 2022 Scale Upgradation, these BPS 14 scale officers will get an upgraded and updated minimum salary of amount Rs. 15180 and then the range of maximum basic pay will be Rs. 50280. If these employees are working on the BPS-17 scale then this ministry of finance has stated that these officers will get this much pay Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370 amount.

MP Scale Salary Pakistan

These details are also issued by the ministry of finance that this BPS-19 official post will get Rs. 59210 amount in the form of their upgraded minimum income and Rs. 120210 will now be their maximum salary pay range. For other government employees, their revised pay scale detail is too coming soon. The above mentioned highlights and the above written information, it is extracted and taken out from the official and valid sources and zones of finance division of Pakistan.

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If more official news will be issued by ministry of finance Pakistan, we will be updating all readers. Just keep in the details of this notification Scale upgradation news about the Ministry Of Finance Pakistan Salary Notification 2022 Scale Upgradation. These are the revisions and certain upgraded which are done by this specific ministry of Pakistan linked with the finance division and sector. It is usually on per year basis that this finance division of Pakistan makes these changes. We have updated you on this area now. If more upgrades or revisions will be finalized by this finance division and ministry of Pakistan, we will update you. Upon the finalization of budget 2018, more notifications will be coming up so stay in touch with us.

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