Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan

The page explained Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan. Motorway Is the longest highway of the Pakistan that is assigned with the extra duties of patrolling on the national high way. the name of the motor way police was changed to national high way and motor way police. This police is responsible for the enforcement of the traffic rules and safety laws in Pakistan and junior patrol officer salary in pakistan 2024.

National high way and motor way police is also responsible for not to block the traffic on the roads and facilities the people who are in trouble and control the people who are responsible for the mismanagement on the roads. So get the idea for the Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan in further read.

  • Minimum Salary 10990
  • Increment 610
  • Maximum 29290

For the accomplishment of this purpose they have SUV, cars and heavy motorbikes for the patrolling on the road of the national high way and use the speed cameras to check the speed of the vehicles on the high way.

  • Salary Motorway Police
  • Junior Patrol Officer BPS 5 = 27000
  • Patrol Officer BPS 14 = Around 40,000

The headquartor of the national high way and motor way police is in Islamabad. Firstly young employees was selected from the police force and provide them very extensive training and after that they was appointed as a motor way police for the sake of training international trainer were invited to train the force for the motor way police but on very high expense but now Pakistan has developed its own training center college for the newly selected officers from NTS.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Already trained officers, driving training for the fresher’s wireless training. Trading of the junior patrolling officers is very hard and tough t meets the international standards.

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan or Traffic Police Ranks In Pakistan
Junior Patrolling Officer/ConstableJPOBS 05
Assistant Patrolling Officer/Head ConstableAPOBS 07
Patrolling Officer/Sub-InspectorPOBS 14
Senior Patrolling Officer/InspectorSPOBS 16
Cheif Patrolling Officer/ Deputy Suprintendent PoliceCPO /DSPBS 17
Senior Superintendent Police SSPBS 19
Deputy Inspector GeneralDIGBS 21
Inspector GeneralIGBS 22
Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Junior patrolling officers are appointing on the BPS 05 with the qualification of metric, LTV driving lenience, at least 3 years driving experience. 25 years are required for the candidates for applying for the post of junior patrolling officers 5 foot and 8 inches are basic height is required for the male and 5 foot and 4 inch are required for the female both are eligible’s for this post of junior patrolling officers. Candidates have to pass out from the written test and after that from the interview.

JUnior Patrol Officer BPS 07 Salary

In this post we are discussing about the job of the Motorway Police JUnior Patrol Officer BPS 07 Salary In Pakistan Salary Scale, Pay Scale, Allowances. Before going ahead in the details of concerned job let’s look at the reputation of the motorway police department and its working in the country of Pakistan. This department is very renowned for its services in Pakistan because the people fully satisfied by their services and it also very beneficial for their manpower. They offered them so many allowances and eager them to bring the best quality in their work.

This post is regarding the Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan Salary Scale, Pay Scale, Allowances. In motorway police the 09 scale is given to the junior patrol officers in Pakistan. The rank of the junior patrol police is very important because the responsibility that way the selection criteria for it are very hard.

JPO Motorway Police Salary

According to the revised pay scale of 2024 the JPO Motorway Police Salary at the initial stage is 11,770 and after the promotion and increments of the salary would be 33,670 and at the end of the every year in the month of December annual increment is 730. The medical allowances also given to the junior patrol police of motorway police Pakistan. The written test will be conducted and only passed candidates will be able have the chance to be called for the interview and after the interview the candidates would be selected on their eligibility. The selection criteria consist of physical, medical and interview procedure after the written test.

For this job the mental and psychological level of the candidates matters a lot for the motorway police. After these test and interview clearance the applicant is selected and approved for the training procedure. The training period is to polish the abilities of the applicant and enhance the defensive abilities and make them sure how to handle the difficult situation with patience and solve it with bravery. Motorway police junior patrol officer salary In Pakistan Salary Scale, Pay Scale, Allowances is given here for more details please visit the official web site of motorway police.

Minimum pay for this post would be 6535 and the maximum salary is 17185 as expected with the 340 annual increment and with the 30 stages are left for the promotion in the service.

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