Pak Army Soldier Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Pakistan army is one of the courages standing land force of our beloved come into being in 1947 and gain very significant place in the world. Pakistan army based on the colonial structure. The ral and the main motto of the Pakistan army is fight in the way of Allah almighty with iman, taqwa. Pakistan fought 4 war against of our neighbors that are not ready to accept the existence of Pakistan till yet and tried to attack the peace of the country and fully pay services to destabilize the Pakistan but Pakistan army give mouth breaking answer at the control line also and on international level. so , Pak Army Soldier Salary In Pakistan is here

Pakistan army is fighting against the terrorism in the country and trying to finish the terrorism and the project called zarb-azab. That is successfully accomplishing its aim and now rad- ul – fasad project that finish the roots of terrorism in the country. Pakistan army recived so many awards in terms of their services like Nishan- e- haider, Sitara-e- jurat, Hilal-e- Imtiaz, Tamga-e- Imtiaz.

These awards are giving to the Pakistan in tremendous servoes for the country without any interest. Pakistan army soldiers are giving their life for the sake of the country. Soldiers are very initial post in the army of Pakistan.

Pak Army soldier Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Soilders basic pay scale is 5 to 7 and the minimum pay of a soilder is 6,730 and maximum ay of solider of Pakistan army Is 18,485. Which is not enough for the slandered life style but aim behind the joins in the army only one and that is giving their lives to save the beloved country and save the assists of the country.

Armed Forces Pay Scale 2017 In Chart

Army soldiers serve the country at the grass root level and have to face the dangerous situations with bravery and courage. We proud of our Pakistan army and acknowledge the services of the soldiers.

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