Pakistan Army Captain Salary 2024 Basic Pay Scale

Pakistan army is very strong land force on the earth about the Pakistan Army Captain Salary 2024 Basic Pay Scale and Allowances. Pakistan army serves the country with breviary and with courage it come into existence in 14 august 1947.

It is working on the British structured system and ranks are according to the British system (salary of captain in pak army). So, it is going to display the actual army captain salary in pakistan.

You are welcome to the page where you may found many interesting facts about the perks and salaries of army captain in Pakistan. When it comes into being Pakistan army serve our beloved country fearlessly and system is firm on the beliefs that Allah almighty is our creator and for the sake of its happiness serves the country without any interest.

Pakistan army is only one platform that defends our country with great courage. After Pakistan comes into the existence it is very hard to survive as a country because no one accept the existence of Pakistan that’s way other neighbors of Pakistan trying to crash the existence of Pakistan and harm fully tried to attack on our beloved country but our hardworking and strong solider are become hurdle in front of those cruel intentioned countries and give them the mouth breaking answer for salary of captain in pak army.

Soldiers and other officers are paying their extra services to our beloved country and their salary packages are not enough for the services. Captain in Pakistan army are paying at the very tough places like siachen and Waziristan with very low and minimum salary according to their services. Captains are getting double amount of their pay because of hard staff of the responsibilities. Basic pay scale of the Pakistan army captain is 17.

Pakistan Army Captain Salary

Minimum pay of the captain is 45,000 and maximum 51,780 pay which is very low according to their services. Captain has to wait for the 5 years to be major and scale would be high after 5 years. Here are some benefits that are giving to the captain of the Pakistan army which are not enough for them according to their services.

Pak Army soldier Salary In Pakistan

Medical treatment is for free for him. If a captain is married then government gives a house for the residence and apartment for the single (salary of captain in pak army). All expenses of the education of the children and lots of benefits at the PIA and get the idea of Pakistan Army Captain Salary 2024 Basic Pay Scale and Allowances. These facilities are enough in the return of their services. We proud of our army.

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