Pakistan Customs Officers Ranks And Salary

This department is working under federal board of revenue government of Pakistan. The basic duty is generating revenue, control the smuggling of any illegal material. Pakistan custom operates under the set rules and regulation to help the international trade by enforcing trade laws that governed by the legislative act like custom act 1969, custom traffic, and custom valuation agreement.

This department personal is directly connected with the intelligence departments to get information and pass on to the control center, prevention of revenue leakage and evasion, mostly posted on the air ports to make sure law and order in organization. They are also responsible for the regulation of emigration law and order. Having checked and balance on the import and export materials according to custom law. See the licensee and permits of the trades.

Eligibility criteria         

Federal public commission conducts exam every year with holding 12 occupational groups. You have to choose Pakistan custom services group.

  • BA 14 year education
  • CSS written result
  • Interview
  • Psychology test
  • Physical test.

            Ranks                                                                                         BPS

  • Assistant controller grade 17
  • Deputy controller                               grade 18
  • Additional collector    grade 19
  • Collector of custom     grades 20
  • Chief controller     grade 21
  • Member custom / chief controller custom     grade 22
  • North chief custom
  • South chief custom
  • Central chief custom

When you are working as custom officer and transferred to another department you would be posted on the post

                Grade                                                                                        salary

  • assistant director on 17 grade                                       98,000
  • deputy director 18 grade                              124000
  • additional sectary / director on 19 grade                            155300
  • director general/ chairman additional sectary 20 grade         170800
  • special sectary/additional sectary/ chairman on 21 grade       146700
  • Director General / chairman on 22 grad                                          146900

Training process for the custom officer

There are three steps in training of custom officers in Pakistan after completing the selection procedure.

Two months theoretical training at DGTR

One month on job in different collect orates

Two month physical trainings at any renowned police academy or army scout college.

Experience required for promotion 

Five years experience required to get promotion for the next rank in the custom office

Uniform details

For all grades 17 to 22 gray charcoal colored uniforms designed with certain specification. It includes

  • Trouser
  • Shirt
  • Footwear
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • Beret
  • Name plate
  • Jersey in winters
  • Inner ware
  • Head scarf for ladies (optional)

There are frequently question asked about the custom office so let’s provide the satisfactory information regarding the custom office ranks and so on
FAQS for custom office

  • Can I apply while my degree is not accomplished yet?

No, you can not apply for the custom office post. You can apply after completing graduation.

  • Which subjects are required for custom service?

All subjects would be considered. There is no specification of any particular subjects. performance in CSS decides the allocation in custom according to your credibility subject doesn’t matter.

  • Is the CSS exam necessary for custom service office?

Yes it is essential the performance in the exam, psychological test result, interview marks decide the criteria for allocation in custom

  • Can I join police department through custom?

No, you cannot transfer to police department through custom or any other department. The reason behind is police personal has to study of laws, weapon study and other legislative curriculum that is not taught for other departmental study.

  • Can I apply for custom office with Short Height and week eyesight?

Yes you can apply in this department. Height and eye sight does not matter. Abilities and generousness matters in custom

  • What is the training of custom officers in Pakistan?

Two months theoretical training at DGTR, one month on job in different collectorates and two month physical trainings

What kind of protocol custom officer get?

They can have a car, lavish house and guards with weapon as protocol.

  • What is the color of custom officer uniform?

Charcoal grey color for all ranks BS 17 to 22 with some specification.

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