Pakistan Government Jobs Salary

Here we will have discussion on Pakistan government jobs salary 2022, Salaries, Pay Scales, Benefits, Incentives and Allowances. Note that these Pakistan government jobs are one of the secured jobs. This government sector main job lines typically revolves around LDA jobs, teaching jobs, law and court related jobs, government owned banking sector jobs, police line jobs, civil and army line jobs. There are certain type of scales which are awarded and given to the employees working in this Pakistan government job sector.

Let us take the example of this constable job post. So in this particular government sector job, this post has BS-05 grade scale and Rs. 10260 is minimum salary and Rs. 25260 is the maximum salary of these constables. And if any individual is on the head constable post and he or she works for Punjab police line or for Sindh police line then his scale will be BPS 07 and Rs 10990 will be this post minimum salary and Rs. 29290 will be the maximum salary of this job line. This post of assistant sub inspector, it is another important job part of government sector of Pakistan. These ASI officers who are on BPS 09 grade scale, Rs. 11770 is the minimum salary and then Rs. 33670 is maximum salary amount of ASI officers working and serving in government sector. Have a look at the more, further details of Pakistan government jobs salary 2022.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


These Pakistan government jobs salaries 2022 depends on grade scale and range of experience possessed by the individuals. These Pakistan government jobs pay scales 2022 starts from BS-01 and then ends at BS-22. You can note down that these Pakistan government jobs benefits 2022 comes in ad hoc and house rent form. These government sector employees received medical allowance and fuel incentives.

This government sector of Pakistan, they have devised some retirement schemes for their employees too. Like if individuals serves in the government banking sector then there is the scheme, hand shake scheme introduced for the employees.

Pakistan Government Jobs Salary!

Then individuals working in customs department, police department or income tax department, any one working in the Pakistan railway department, auditing department, they get grauity funds and other bonuses as well. More revised details about Pakistan government jobs incentives and allowances 2022 are coming up.

If any person is working for Punjab government police line and he is on inspector post line then his allotted scale will be BPS 16 and his basic minimum salary on latest terms will be Rs. 18910 Then these inspector officers enjoy current maximum salary upto amount Rs. 64510. Stay in touch and more details on Pakistan government jobs salary 2022 will be conveyed to the interested readers. Stay in touch.

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