Pakistan Marine Academy Salary Cadet Scales And Allowances

Details of Pakistan Marine Academy Salary Cadet and their Scales And Allowances are over here. For the information, this department of Pakistan Marine Academy, it consist of Deck Officers and it also comprise of Engineer Officers, we have post of cadet officers. Like first we have the grade officer of Deck Cadet or you can call it as Engine Cadet.

Then we have Fourth Officer or you can call it as well as Junior Engineer. We have this Shoulder rank insignia as well and it comprise of 3rd Officer or you can call it too as Fourth Engineer.

Then we have 2nd Officer, or call it with the title of 3rd Engineer. Second last, wen have post of Chief Officer, call it with the name of 2nd Engineer too. Then we have officer post of Captain, or readers can call it as the post of Chief Engineer.

Pakistan Marine Academy cadet allowance and benefits

If one is on this post of cadet and he also belong to this Pakistan Marine Academy then many allowances are received by them. These cadet officers, they get diving allowance and outfit, uniform incentive. Then they get house rent and too mess allowance. These Pakistan Marine Academy cadet officers, they get conservancy allowance and entertainment, education incentive for their kids. They are given medical facility free as well.

Pre-sea courses details which are conducted by Pakistan Marine Academy

If you are a part of this academy then you have to complete these pre courses too if one wants to be on the post of cadet. You have to complete Two years of associate degree program linked with the field of Marine Engineering.

Pakistan Marine Academy Salary Cadet Scales And Allowances

You should also be completing 2 years of associate degree program which is linked with the field of Nautical Science. You will be completing Five Months of certificate course which is linked and related to General Purpose Crew (GP-3) session training program. By completing these courses and by completing these training session program, you can be hired on Cadet program.

Pakistan Marine Academy

Pakistan Navy Marine Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

Pakistan Marine Academy other details linked to Cadet program

For the information, 170 cadets are usually selected each and every year. They are selected for this two years of associate degree program. Then 150 of them are selected on merit basis and 20 are selected on the basis of self finance scheme.

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