Pakistan Motorway Police Ranks 2024 Salaries Pay Scale

Pakistan motorway police ranks 2024, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances Details and after reading official piece of information about is here. Here ranks and official one salary figures of Pakistan motorway police employees will be shared. The duty of this motorway police is to force and implement its mission policies. Its force line comprise of educated and professional officers. First we will talk about the rank of Inspector General (IGP) and it has the grade scale of BPS-22. It is the highest grade working in motorway police.

These  IGP officers, their minimum salary is Rs 82380 and on the other hand, these IGP officers maximum income is Rs 164560. Note down that these Inspector General officers gets increment of amount Rs 5870 on the current and latest basis. Then we have rank and grade of Additional Inspector General . It is too called with this title Addl.IGP and this post has grade scale and pay scale of BPS-21.

These Additional Inspector General officers have minimum salary amount of Rs 76720 and their maximum pay has the figures of Rs 146720. These subjected BS-22 grade scale officers gets and receive this yearly increment of Rs 5000. More of the details about Pakistan motorway ranks 2024 are mentioned and written below.

These Pakistan motorway police ranks Incentives see a regular revision when these employees have an increase in their basic salaries. We will update more to the readers regarding topic of Pakistan motorway ranks Allowances. Next we have Deputy Inspectors General DIG who works for the motorway police and this post has the scale of BPS-20.

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan or Traffic Police Ranks In Pakistan
Junior Patrolling Officer/ConstableJPOBS 05
Assistant Patrolling Officer/Head ConstableAPOBS 07
Patrolling Officer/Sub-InspectorPOBS 14
Senior Patrolling Officer/InspectorSPOBS 16
Cheif Patrolling Officer/ Deputy Suprintendent PoliceCPO /DSPBS 17
Senior Superintendent Police SSPBS 19
Deputy Inspector GeneralDIGBS 21
Inspector GeneralIGBS 22
Motorway Police Ranks In Pakistan

Finally Pakistan Motorway Police Ranks 2024

These DIG officers have minimum salary amount of Rs 69090 and in same way, these subjected DIG officers working for motorway police gets maximum salary of range Rs 132230.

Then in this motorway police department, we have the rank of Senior Superintendents and their grade scale is BPS-19. These BS-19 grade officers receive minimum salary having the amount of Rs 59210. Note that these SSP officers receive their maximum pay upto amount of Rs 120210.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Then there is a post of Deputy Superintendents DSP working and serving in motorway police and it is of the scale of BPS-1. These officers minimum income is Rs 30370 and their maximum salary figures are Rs 76370. This is overall latest information on Pakistan Motorway Police Ranks 2024. More ranks details and salaries details linked with motorway police department of Pakistan are coming soon. Just stay tuned with us.

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