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Pakistan Navy Cadet Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

As a cadet and being the part of Pakistan navy, these cadet officers enjoy many perks and incentives. From this post, you can have information about this job post Pakistan Navy Cadet Salary and too about their Pay Scale Rank Allowances. These Pakistan Navy Cadet officers, they get free mess and free of cost accommodation as long as they are on duty. They get outfit allowance, entertainment perk, house rent and medical allowance as long as these officers are on job duty. It is the narrative for Pakistan Navy Cadet Salary

These cadet officers are also hired as surface warriors. In this category of surface warriors, we have many categories. These cadet officers, they play different and multiple range of roles. Duties like with surface operations, job roles linked with anti-submarine operations, duties regarding anti-air operations, all of these tasks are handle by Pakistan Navy Cadet officers. Tasks related to the protection of SLOc and duties of search operations and rescue operation, tasks with regard to antipiracy missions, Naval diplomacy operations, they are too managed by Pakistan Navy Cadet officers.

Job description of Pakistan Navy Cadet officers

Pakistan Navy Cadet Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances


  • Task of Frogman Operations
  • Tsks linked with air borne Operations
  • Job duty of Commando Operations
  • Tasks regard to Salvage Operations
  • Job duty linked with Search and Rescue operations Missions
  • Tasks of MIO/VBSS operations
  • Assigments related to Seal insertion
  • Operations related to surveillance and covert surveillance
  • Job duties and targets related to Anti terrorist protection operations
  • Operations of coastal and offshore installations
  • Missions and operations of Search and rescue
  • Operations linked with anti smuggling duties
  • Completing the Clearance Diving Course, duration of 18 weeks
  • Completing this Advance Frogman Course, it is of 10 weeks
  • Completing this Re-Compression Chamber Course, it has a duration of 04 weeks
  • Improving professionalism
  • Improving qualification standards
  • Improving safety awareness.
  • Taking comprehensive kind of steps in order to avoid any kind of recurrence of flaws and defects.
  • Exercising economy by keeping in mind the available resources.
  • Improving all kind of administration
  • Improving morale
  • Improving facilities right at JNB

Pak Navy Salary

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This is the main job description which is managed by Pakistan Navy Cadet officers. It is a multi-tasking job post and one has to become really and much passionate enough if you want to serve and carry out job as a cadet in this department of Pakistan navy. If more allowances or perks will be added in the job line of Pakistan Navy Cadet officers, we will share those allowances information and details with you.

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