Pakistan Railway Clerk Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

For the information, this post of Pakistan Railway Clerk Salary, it comprises of two sections in this department of Pakistan railway. We have this category of Upper Division Clerk and then we have this second one category of Lower Division Clerk. You should know that both of these divisions and categories, they get same type of allowances and perks as received by these Upper Division Clerk officers as well as by these Lower Division Clerk officers. For this UDC, its basic pay scale is BPS-11 and for this LDC, its basic one pay scale is BPS-09. So have a look at their salary figures as well and get to know that what main job duties and responsibilities are performed by these clerk officers:

Upper Division Clerk BPS-11 basic salary 

These Upper Division Clerk officers, they get Mimimum salary 2017: Rs 12570

  • And these UDC officers, their Maximum pay 2017: Rs 38970
  • These Upper Division Clerk officers get their Increment for 2017: Rs 880

Lower Division Clerk BPS-09 basic salary and income

  • Moving on with these Lower Division Clerk officers, their Mimimum salary 2017: Rs 11770
  • These LDc officers have their Maximum pay 2017: Rs 33670
  • In the same way, these Lower Division Clerk officers have their Increment for 2017: Rs 730

Pakistan Railway Clerk list and details of allowances

Pakistan Railway Clerk Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances


These upper and lower division Clerk officers, they get house rent incentive and daily allowance during their job times. In their basic salaries, this incentive and perk of ad hoc allowance is also includes. 2017 has increased 10% pension rate as well. Same kind of duties and almost same kind of functions are performed by these UDC and LDC officers. These Clerk officers have to manage accounts and finances of Pakistan railway department. They make and prepare pay rolls, income statements and balance sheets.

Pakistan Railway ASI


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These Clerk officers issue pay to the upper division and lower division officers working for this subjected department of Pakistan railway. All account related tasks and all of the finance related functioning, it is handle and manage by these Clerk officers. If one has its specialization in accounting and commerce field then that individual is preferred to be on this post of Clerk. We have mentioned and given you information about 2017 clerk basic salaries and allowances information. If some revision will be made, we will instantly give you updates.

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