Pay Scale of Medical College Teachers

Pay Scale of Medical College Teachers will be discussed in this post and you will able to know the salaries of the other post of medical that paying their duties. In this post we will discussed a very serious issue that is raised in the medical field. In the medical field there so many branches that deals with the different areas of the medical. For the specialization and to know the keys every student of the medical needs the supervision and the guidance that shows them a very clear way and help them to understand the risks and tell them who to solve them. In other words every student needs a intelligent teacher that help him to learn.

Professor and the assistant professor getting 450,000 to 170,000 from the private sector. According to the Pay Scale of Medical College Teachers professor , associate professor, assistant professor and the lecturer are getting the 50,000, 40,000, 30,000, and 10,000 that are quite less than their colleagues who are working in the private sector and earning much better than them so that’s way they continuously shifting their sectors government to private.

Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, medicine, toxicology, pathology, pharmacy are very important and tough subjects so the students need the assistance to learn the subject to command over them. But there is issue that rose during these day without ignoring we have to solve It. The issue is the salary. There are two sectors private and government.

Pay Scale of Medical College Teachers

Pay Scale of Medical College Teachers

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The government sector does not pay them according to their capability and private sectors paying the science teacher very well for that reason, the teachers of the medical college leaving the government sector and joining the private sector to earn well that become the reason of the shortage of the medical college teachers in the government sector. The government has to pay attention to this issue before it too late to overcome this problem. For the more details please visit this site.

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