Pension Calculator Federal Government 2019 Formula

We have complete and in-detail guide for all of the readers about pension calculator Pension Calculator Federal Government 2019 Formula. If these federal government employees wants to know the proper use of this pension calculator then here is the guide and proper method for them. This pension calculator has been officially introduced by the government of Pakistan so that all retired employees can be facilitated. We know that many retired employees face this inconvenience that how can they calculate their pension, so here is the easy guide for them. These retired employees only have to fill out these little requirements and after few minutes, they can know about their latest and current pension amount.

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This pension calculator Federal Government Formula is here. About to be retired employees, they have to put up this information on pension calculator as well that on which pay scale they are and how much basic pay they received recently. Then these about to be retired government employees have to mention the amount of their special pays and personal pays.

Pension Calculator Federal Government 2019 Formula

Pension rules In Pakistan

Suppose if they are official receivers of qualification pays or overseas pays or if they are official and valid receivers of senior post allowances then all these details have to put up in this calculator. The last requirement and field which has to be mentioned in this pension calculator is that, these government employees have to make this think clear to this calculator that whether they belong to provincial government sector or they work in the federal government zone. Just press the enter button after entering these details and you will successfully then calculate your pension amount.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


The first question which you need to answer that what is your pension kind. Like whether you will be the receiver of superannuation or you will be the receiver of retiring pension type. If you are a receiver of death during service pension type or if you are the receiver of death after retirement pension type then mark this option. Then it is must for you to enter these details like date of birth and the date of appointment and also the date of your retirement phase. Further steps about pension calculator Federal Government 2019 are mentioned below.

This is all updated information about pension calculator Federal Government 2019. If you have more questions regarding the usage of pension calculator then ask from us. Do avail the maximum use of this calculator. If you fail to calculate your pension amount correctly then do make use of this calculator. So far this is the current version of this pension calculator and if any changes will happen in this calculation format and method then we will update you. Try this calculation method and for any kind of queries, you can let us know.

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