PIA Crew Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

Do you want to get this information that what job duties and what sort of incentives and what kind of perks and incentives are received by the department of PIA crew? We can give you information about that. From this page, check out the information of PIA Crew Salary Basic Pay Scale and complete pack of information about their Allowances. This department of PIA Crew, as it is a junior level department but this department also receives and gets medical facility, air fare concessions.

These concessions are not included in their basic salaries and they are given separately. This department of PIA Crew, they get increment and special pays as well. This increment is given to the crew officers on a per year basis. Now we will discuss main duties which are performed by the cabin crew department of Pakistan international air line:

PIA Crew job duties:

  • They have to greet and welcome passengers as long as passengers and travelers are on board. Those who are departing, they have to say good bye to them with a smile. This department of cabin crew, it is there to help out passengers. If you have difficulty regarding your air tickets, if you could not find your seat, if you want to many any changes regarding your flight plan and schedule then this department of PIA Crew will be helping you out.

PIA Crew Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

  • If you fail to find out your plane seat then you can take help from this crew department. They will be serving you with meals and also with This department will too be checking each and every in whole condition of emergency equipments. If you need any information regarding flight, if you want to know that when plane will take off and when it will land, then you can ask these questions from the department of PIA Crew officers.

PIA Crew Salary

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  • The staff of this department will also be administering their first aid and they will be dealing with all types of emergencies. They will be supplying passengers with the items like that of newspapers, if you want to have magazines, if passenger wants to have in-flight entertainment then the staff of PIA Crew department will give you that. They have to write flight reports right after completing their journey.

PIA Crew department is here to serve you in fully functional way. Have you tried and experienced the services of PIA?

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