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PIA Engineer Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

If you are looking for this concerned information related to PIA Engineer Salary Basic Pay Scale and their Allowances then we can give you the correct details. This post of PIA Engineer, it is a technical level post. First talking about their details and explanation of their allowances, these PIA Engineers, they get ad hoc relief incentive and discounts, concessions on their air fares. All officers of PIA, they get medical facility as well. You might also be thinking that which are those duties which are performed by these engineers of PIA, we can tell you about those job duties:

Job duties performed and carried out by PIA Engineer officers

  • These PIA Engineers have to operate air crafts. Proper working of these air crafts and safety measures for these air crafts, all of this is ensured by PIA Engineers. He is also called with this title of maintenance engineer.
  • Tasks related to repairing, tasks linked and related to troubleshoot problems, they are handle by these engineers. For the tasks of inspections and for the tasks and assignments linked with upgrading of air crafts, they are managed by these engineers as well.

PIA Engineer Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

  • These engineers have to make and write records on the daily basis. They have to give daily and on time reports related to functioning and maintenance of air crafts. They will make schedules for the air crafts. If any emergency repair needs to be made, if any inspections has to be carried out then for all of these tasks and job processes, these engineers are hired.
  • As he is an aircraft maintenance kind of engineer and he should know how to work and deal with these specialized aviation tools. He should know the correct and technical use of these air craft power tools. He should too know the use of computers.

PIA Aircraft Engineer

PIA Aircraft Engineer Salary Basic Pay Scale

  • These Engineers should know the use and ways of operating of these diagnostic equipments and also x-ray machines. He should be able to climb ladders, he should be able to stand properly on scaffolds. These Engineers should know how to manage and handle other sort of maintenance staff. If it is the requirement that they have to spend long and long hours on these emergency repairs then they have to do that!

More job duties and further functions of these PIA Engineers will be shared over here.


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