PIA Officers Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

For the information, PIA stands for Pakistan international air line. It has large in number staff members in it. Its staff comprises of ground operations and too consist of air operations. We have flight attendants and air hostess, we have air line pilots and commercial pilots, we have the officers linked with the category of engineers and sub engineers. Talking about the senior PIA Officers, we have directors and we have managing directors as well. We have CEO and chairmen, we have too board of directors. Be it this Pakistan international air line or be it any other kind of air line, it comprise of many departments. In the same way under this airline of PIA, we have ground operations department, air operations department, crew and cabin crew department, engineering and marketing department, HR and administration department. All of these departments and all of these PIA officers, they ensure that their airline gets keep on working and gets keep on going in a smoother. On this page, we will let our readers know about the PIA Officers Salary Basic and their Pay Scale Allowances.

PIA Officers Allowances

All of the PIA Officers, no matter that they are working at the junior level or they are working at the senior level, they enjoy allowances and they get incentives which are give by their department. Their first important allowance is that they get concession on their plane tickets.

PIA Officers Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

This incentive is too given too their family members and blood relations. For the making of national flights and for the international flights, they can enjoy suitable number of concessions. They have incentives to get loans as well. They get special pays if these PIA Officers will show better and improve performance. They get free of cost medical facility, as long as these PIA Officers are doing their duty and they are not on the retirement period by far then they can have medical facilities and medical services on the free of cost basis.

PIA Flight Steward

PIA Commercial Pilot Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

General duties performed by PIA Officers

Have a look at the general duties which are carried by these PIA Officers, they should have good in amount communication skills. They should have Excellent in form interpersonal skills. They should know how to remain calm in any sort of emergencies. They should have proper colour vision and they should too have good hearing

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