PMA Cadet Ranks

In this post we delve into the information to know about the PMA Cadet Ranks. The starting salary is 30,000 and it goes to the 40,000. Now we see the detail of the PMA it stands for Pakistan military academy. The individuals who are interested to join the military to become commissioned officer in Pakistan army need to junction with PMA long course. The have to finish two years long course training program. It is conceded at the Pakistan military academy in Kakul, kpk.

The main aim of this course is to provide military skills, exceptional analytical skill, critical thinking skills and result oriented abilities to the cadets which enhance them as more efficient, effective, energetic, enthusiastic, incumbent, disciplined cadet in military of Pakistan. This course covers subjects mentioned below


·        Military strategies and tactics

·        Weapon handling and the regarding training

·        Physical training and fitness

·        Leadership and teamwork

·        Compulsory academic subjects

All these tasks bolster the physical and mental abilities of cadet to elevate the patience level, discipline level, endurances level, of cadet. After completing the course cadets are appointed as second lieutenants in Pakistan army.

Eligibility criteria for PMA long course

·        The test that is called preliminary starts from November to January.

·        The candidates has to undergo written test that is also called intellectual test which is based on multi- choice questionnaire from all subjects

·        The next step is physical test that is also called medical test and after that conducted interview at AS&RC in which the interviewer assess the interest, passion, vision of the candidates. In physical test candidates have to pass the following tasks like mentioned below

Physical test criteria

·        8 mint running of 1.6 km

·        In 2 mint 15 push ups

·        In 2 mint 20 sits up

·        In 2 mint 3 chin up

·        Ditch crossing task

  • The minimum height of the candidates should be 5 feet 4 inch
  • The weight would be considered according to the body index

·        Along with the glasses the vision should be 6/9 to 6/12 from distance and for the nearer vision J2 TO J7 without glasses

Qualification with age

The required age is 17 to 22 for the PMA long course in Pakistan military.

How many marks are need to qualify for the PMA long course?

There is 60% marks are required to qualify for PMA in intermediate.

What is the rank offered after the PMA long course?

The qualifies candidates are eligible for the rank second lieutenant

What is the salary of second lieutenant?

The salary of the second lieutenant starts from 50,000 and goes up with the passage of time.

What is the duration period of PMA long course?

After getting selection, two years will be taken in the training session

How many candidates would be selected in a lot?

In one lot 500 cadets would be select for the session

Being a female can I apply for the PMA long course?

Female candidates are not eligible for the PMA long course.

After the both intellectual and physical task army official conduct psychology assessment and qualified candidates summoned for final interview. There are frequently asked question about the PMA long course that needed to be answer to satisfy the curiosity of candidates so let’s explore the answers

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