Punjab Police Pay Scale 2024

For readers, here you can read all of the information about Punjab police Pay Scale 2024, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances. This Punjab police department is one of the vigilant and responsible departments we have, the security situation in the provincial cities of Punjab province has been improved because of this active workforce of Punjab police.

From this page, you will know the salaries details of this department. These police officers get almost same salaries and same pays no matter they work in KPK province or in Sindh and Balochistan province. But here we will just focus on the police officers salaries who work in this Punjab province. So starting our detailing and discussion with the grade scale of constable.

This officer works on the basic pay scale of BPS 05. His minimum salary is Rs. 10260 and the figures of his maximum salary is Rs. 25260. Then we will move to the officer post of Head Constable and this officers works and officially serve on the grade scale of BPS 07. This officer receives minimum pay of Rs. 10990 and they maximum salary of 29290. More we have information for you about Punjab police Pay Scale 2024.

These Punjab police salaries 2024 are mentioned on the latest and current basis. These Punjab police benefits 2024 and main one Punjab police incentives 2024, they come in this medical and house rent allowance form. These police officers get ad hoc allowance, pension, yearly bonuses. More of the revised info on Punjab police allowances 2024 is coming up.

Pakistan Punjab Police Constable Salary

Then the post of Assistant Sub Inspector, this officer is on BPS 09 scale and his minimum pay has Rs. 11770 receiving amount and his maximum salary amount is Rs. 33670. The official post of Sub Inspector, mainly these officers work on BPS 14 pay scale explained Punjab Police Pay Scale 2024, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


These officers are given: Rs. 15180 amount in the form of minimum salary and Rs. 50280 in form of maximum salary range. Moving on to further scales and we have Station House Officer post, these subjected officers work for this police department by getting appointed on the pay scale BPS-16. Their salaries fall in the range of Rs. 18910 to Rs. 64510. These are their minimum and maximum salary figures for Punjab Police Pay Scale 2024, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances.

Then the average basic salary of the post of Police Inspector who is on grade scale BPS 16, it falls in between range of Rs. 18910 and also Rs. 64510. Then the basic salary and pay amount of these Additional Superintendents ranges from Rs. 30370 and ends at Rs. 76370. Keep connected and more updated details and updated revisions are coming in this Punjab police Pay Scale 2024 category area. So do not go anywhere and get all info of Punjab police post salaries details.

Here on this page, you can get all in-detail information about Punjab police pay scale notification 2024, Salaries, Pay Scale, Benefits, Incentives, Allowances. Note down that this Punjab police department grade scale and basic salary scale starts from the constable post and then it ends at IG post. This latest notification about the salaries of these officers and incentives are shared over here. We will share the salaries of these Punjab police officers according to latest terms.

Do also note down that when fresh budget that is budget 2024 will come then salaries and pays of these Punjab police officers will be increased at the same time and for sure. On the junior spot, we have post of constable and it consist of BPS 05 scale. These constables enjoy the salary in between range of Rs. 10260 and Rs. 25260. It is the latest figure that these constables get Rs 500 as the figure of their increment. Then these Punjab police officers who work on post of assistant sub inspector, they salary scale comprise of BPS 09 scale. It is from the range of Rs. 11770 and Rs. 33670 that these assistant sub inspectors get their basic salary amount. You can check out more of the details about Punjab police pay scale notification 2024 from here.

Attach is the Punjab police salaries notification 2024. These Punjab police benefits notification 2024 have been uploaded too. These Punjab police officers get ad hoc perk, house rent perk and medical facility perk too. Then these officers are entitled to encashment leaves and paid leaves. If revision will made in Punjab police incentives notification 2024, we will let you know. So far this is the current info on Punjab police allowances notification 2024.

This Punjab police department has these station house officers on BPS-16 scale. Their minimum salary range is Rs. 18910 and Rs. 64510 is their maximum salary range. Then in this Punjab police department, we have Additional Superintendent officers, as they are BPS-17 scale, so it is obvious that their salaries and fixed pays will be high too. Rs. 30370 is the minimum salary and Rs. 76370 is the maximum salary offered to these officers.

This police department has this senior post as well and it is called with the name of Senior Superintendent post. This SSP/AIG post has scale of BPS 19. Talking about the minimum and maximum salary proportion of these officers, it is in between the value of Rs. 59210 and Rs. 120210. these Inspector General officers and these Provisional Police Officers, they are posted on BPS 22 scale and their basic salary is the extreme highest of all. Their basic salary amount falls in between the figures and stats of Rs. 82380 and Rs. 164560. We will more elaborate the info on Punjab police pay scale notification 2024.

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