Rescue 1122 First Aid Salary In Pakistan, Pay Scale, Benefits

Here are the details for Rescue 1122 First Aid Salary In Pakistan, Pay Scale, Benefits. These first aid officers are on the basic pay scale of BS-08. So let us check out and get this information that how much in range of and what is the average in amount of minimum and maximum salaries are given to these BS-08 grade scale officers. Rs 11380 is exactly their minimum salary and this Rs 31480 is their maximum salary amount. Rs 670 is their increment amount. It is the duty of these first aid officers that they have to maintain all of first aid facilities and equipments. They have to do the monitoring that whether first aid facilities are available or not. You will be serving for large number of working hours in your designated and specific workplace site. Whatever duties and set of responsibilities which have been assigned to these first aid officers, they have to meet and fulfill them. These officers have to remain consistent all the time with their first aid code. They need to familiarize and educate theirselves with all sorts of latest and advanced medical resources. They have to do these quarterly checks of their first aid kits. If there are any expired items in their first aid kits then they have to dispose them. Below are the more details about Rescue 1122 First Aid Salary in Pakistan.

We know that this Rescue 1122 First Aid pay scale in Pakistan is BS-08 and these Rescue 1122 First Aid benefits in Pakistan are many in their quantities. These officers who are working first aid officers, they get medical and fuel as well as entertainment and ad hoc incentive.

For showing a satisfactory and good performance, they get special bonus. Then yearly increments are given to first aid officers. These officers also have to assist and help when it comes to incident investigations. They have to help in unresolved issues. These officers will be involved in the on-going training sessions all the time.

Rescue 1122 First Aid Salary In Pakistan, Pay Scale, Benefits

Rescue 1122 Salary

This is all updated information on Rescue 1122 First Aid Salary in Pakistan. Now readers and those people who wants to know the Rescue 1122 employees salaries, they have now received this valid info on maximum and minimum salary range of first aid officers. As their salary range falls in timeline of Rs 11380 – Rs 31480. Now in budget 2018, for sure more increase will be noticed in the salary and pay area of these first aid officers. Not only their basic pay will be increased on a significant terms, but also their perks and all benefits will be increased. So till the arrival of budget 2018, you can stay tuned and keep in mind the above written average salary range of these first aid officers.

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