Research Assistant Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale

If looking for Research Assistant Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale details, here we have collected this data for you. So basically this job position enjoys and carries the pay scale of BS-15 and the salary handed over to these officers, it is Rs 28575. If you are working as a research assistant or serving at the associate level then your main duties will be to conduct and complete literature reviews. You will collect, analyze data. These professionals have to prepare the materials so that they can be submitted to the granting agencies and also to respective foundations. They prepare and develop materials for the sake of submission to specific committees.

Research Assistant Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale

This Research Assistant Pay Scale In Pakistan, they are given the scale of BS-15 on the basis of their educational qualification, that is why it is expected that they should know how to prepare any kind of interview questions. Your job duties will be to interview subjects, to do the recruitment of subjects, to maintain and keep up the accurate records of all previous and current interviews. These assistants have to safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of subjects. The salary which is mentioned above, it is given to them because they know how to summarize interviews, these professionals know how to acquire equipment for the projects.

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Research Assistant Pay Scale In Pakistan

All these federal government and provincial government employees salaries, they do not remain the same and permanent. On the basis of performance, increment amount is added into their basic salaries and regular revision is made. Now you have well notify yourself about the subjected post salary details. This monthly income primarily includes other allowances too and this is how the total salary figure comes out. If at some points, revision or amendment will take place in the salary sheet of these BS-15 assistants, we will update you.

This Research Assistant PPSC Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale, it is now BS-15 and the per month salary given to these officers, it comes out to be now Rs 28575. In this total and average salary amount, the other list and details of allowances are included as well. On a monthly basis, you get the house rent and conveyance allowance. These assistants are given as hoc relief and medical incentives. When the basic pay is revised, then the revision in the basic allowances category, they pass through revision process as well.

On the basis of Research Assistant PPSC Pay Scale In Pakistan, the main duty which is assigned to the individual who is working as on the job position of a research assistant, he has to assist in all of the development and preparation phases of interview schedules. It is his duty to contact the specific potential subjects and give an explanation on the study objectives. This assistant is the one who arrange interviews in person or by arranging the call on telephone. The salary figures of this job position tell us that the hired person should know how to compile the lists of  all potential research subjects. The specific should have a know how of doing and recording face-to-face, telephone interviews with their subjects.

Any one is selected for this job position and the mentioned pay is given to him if he knows about the data collection procedures and too about the documentation standards. His increment is made if he is able to perform and complete the  miscellaneous job duties which are assigned to him. Lastly, such a person should be able to prepare findings and assist his colleagues in laboratory analysis or while doing quality control, or any of the data management tasks. So, this is the average pay which is given to the mentioned post every single month and possible increment changes and revisions are seen in it too.



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